heaven cant help me

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why pray

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



 ive said a thousand prayers but they have all gone unheard

ive tried to barter with the devil but he could not be allured

god could not be bothered, ive nothing that satan wants

i used to belive in both of them but i felt like a silly cunt

but if i could id sell my soul

though there is no such demon to play this fool

i may try to pray for a helping  hand

but i dont belive in a holy man

faith in somthing great is a crutch for the week 

beeing good  to get to heaven is for the dreamers and the meek

fearing in a hell can make you rather inproductive

a faithfull imagination can be a bit destructive

im not saying dont belive, im simply saying its not for me

but belive in this ill find my way

so no one else can ever say

i gave in and gave up on me

and had no faith in what i could be

im living for today cause there is no promise of tomarrow

dont ever plan ahead on time thats only barrowed

ill put my faith in my own two hands

not in those of a overglorified "super man"

so in these times when i need to be great

ill put it on myself and not in fate

im the only one that will pave a way for me

im the only one that know how great i can be

i can pull down the heavens when only reaching for a star

ill meet your expectations of me then ill raise the bar

i know i wont be happy if i lollygag along

the decisions i make may not be great, that doesnt mean there wrong

it may take time, and it may be rough

but ill get through, life has always been tough

spare me your talks of how i shouldnt be ashamed

in a world as bad as this i cant take all the blame

just take your sarrow, guilt, and grief shit

and keep it to yourself cause i dont need it

if i fail its my own damn fault

but ill never put my efforts to a hault

i may get discouraged, and may get distracted

ill never give up and become inactive

my happiness lies on top the mountian of lifes trail

and with what i have to look forward to, I REFUSE TO FAIL! 


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