how bitter, how sweet

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Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



cold winter nights with another wraped tight in my arms

one of the last i thought that would ever do me any harm

woke up to the early morning darkened sky

a call for her from another lonley guy

wanting nothing than the warmth of her nightly embrace

then she explained this to me with a careing face

i have to go to him she explained i have to go to make things right

i have to go to him and spend with him the rest of this night

you know i love you i will be back in the morning

stop your shaking there is no need for your mourning

nothing will happen i am just going to talk

but alas you cannot wait here, which came as no shock

no that feeling was over when you said your turning to him

the pain had allready started so now i was just waiting for the healing to begin

i would find it later in that day when she would come back to me

at the most important moment of the year or what was supposed to be

i found myself all alone

i called i pleaded and asked for her presence just for the day

but im still sleeping here in his arms ill be there later is all she had to say

better sooner than later is what i thought she ment 

better late than never was more the route that she went

when she did show up i was just heading out

there was a look in her eyes i wasnt sure what it was about

then when i call to go have lunch and mabey just talk for a bit

she wanted none of it and didnt really feel like dealing with my shit

so i asked if we could talk when her work day was done

she said she would rather go out and have some fun

so i went home by myself to think about my long hurtfilled day

then i put in a letter everything that i wanted and needed to say

asking her to talk to me and to let me know what was the matter

how she then did respond left me to feel even sadder

i dont think we can do this not after before

the path i was on back to her heart was now blocked by a locked door

what is it that you want im willing and trying to change things

i dont want what we had before i want new things and flings

you see i didnt do anything with him like i said i wouldnt

so i asked if we could work things out and she said that we couldnt

but you know that i love you more than any before

dont fill me with your shit ive heard it and cant take it anymore

how can you love some one build them up and give them hope

then when it comes time to show it turn your back and tell them no

sorry its not going to happen i just told you what you needed to hear

when you really do need me i simply wont be there

cause im out having fun with the other guy i know all to well

whos got way more going for him and there is nothing more i need to tell

yea hes got more going hes got you but little do you know

how youve changed for the worst youve changed into a beer and bar ho

now i sit here torn apart , out of touch from heart and soul

how could you mislead me how could you have been so cold

oh, i built myself up you had nothing to do with it

thats not the truth and you know it your so full of shit

but now i dont care what it is that you do

i know that im better by myself and far away from you

so go lay in his bed wraped up in his arms

and know that i can no longer cause you harm

cause i wont be around like you wernt around for me

dont try to call just let me be

dont think that i enjoy this its tearing me apart

to know that i entrusted you with my loving heart

but you traded it all in for a few free drinks a fat fuck,and thats it

when at first i was hurt and wanted her to choke on his dick 

now i dont care cause im glad that it brings her joy

if thats all you needed just a new boy toy

eat it up, enjoy it your new little treat

just do me one favor and define bitter sweet.


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