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Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



am i a man do i not deserve love

whats the price that i have to pay

is it fair that i have to work so hard

and for that hard work go unnoticed

i am doing all that i possibly can

but still it isn't enough

so my life gets stripped of love

taken away without a seconds thought

cause my problems are too much for another

try being me.

whats worse being the condemned or the one doing the damning

the guilt the weight on your soul

the burden, what about the curse of this fool

say its for the best say that its the only way

the only way for you to not be stressed

never realizing that its making my stress worse

but that doesn't matter cause you've done nothing wrong

where is the shame in trying to change everything about someone

where is the shame in throwing problems in his face

where is the shame in running them into the ground

where is the shame in not feeling a thing

no sorrow, no regret, no pain

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