i ask this of thee

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Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



i try to think of happy thoughts

but nothing comes to mind

i dwell on my uneasiness

cause for that i need not try

bitterness stands apart

from those in life that are sweet

its easier to lay down and die 

than to try to stand on my feet

when giving in and giving up 

just seems the way to go 

i look to god for a sign

but nothing ever shows

where is he the absent one 

that demands all of our faith 

why has he not shown himself 

and why am i not saved 

am i just not worthy 

am i too much work

will he ever claim me 

before the devil begins to lurk 

evils tried to win me over

ive tried harder to resist 

hell has got room for me 

if im not on peters little list 

oh, how i want to belive in glory 

and the stories that ive heard

but scriptures not enough for me 

nor is the preachers word

evil will always show its face

and godliness is sledom seen 

pleanty of sinners and not enough saints 

too few patrons and overwhelming amount of fiends 

should i belive in heaven 

if im scertian there is a hell 

do they have to co-exist

is that why the morning stgar fell 

did god want checks and balance

does he even care 

does he govern what goes on 

does he even know were here 

if im created in his image 

then he has to be around 

they say that he is every where 

but i look with nothing to be found 

can he know just how i feel 

and why im filled with doubt 

if you dont know what i mean 

just take a look about 

how is this a paradise 

was it ever ment to be 

how am i to understand 

he who made the lamb also made me 

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