i see you - by landonslester

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id have said hi but i was too busy jerking off in the bushes

Submitted: September 05, 2012

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Submitted: September 05, 2012



i came by again last night

just to see how you were doing

i didnt care to knock this time

had no need to ensue my wooing

you looked nice in your night robe

i can only imagine whats under there

how id love just a little grope

alas i dont think your willing to share

id be gentle and id take my time

make sure i rush it through

stare deeply into your eyes

and let you know my feeling are true

lay you down upon your bed

kiss you sweetly for hours on end

fluff the pillow for your head

then let the love making begin

as my hands slowly explore new terrain

i feel a rush of heat through out

the blood is rushing through my viens

soon ill be inside you there is no doubt

if only youd let me embrace your love

i wouldnt need all this rope

and the tape to keep your mouth shut

and for the blood, industrial strength soap

plastic bags to package you up

the saw i brought to quarter you

lime to break down the meat and stuff

and a shovel when my task is through

i picked a spot i thought youd like

there are trees and flowers in a little grove

of all the places this one seemed right

its right behind my family home

that way i can keep you close

my new little souvenir 

and as long as no one else knows

i wont be cought and have no fears

but this is just a hopeless dream

i will never have my chance

to live out the things ive seen

so outside your window i will stand 

in the shadows of the night

ill just watch time and again

always keeping you in my sight

in my mind out of my hands

im the sound you thought you heard

you can feel me watching you

when you friends think that your ubsurd

i know that your speaking truths

im the uneasy feeling when your alone

im the shiver shot down your spine

even locked up in your home

at any time i can make you mine

im waiting

always watching

i am patient

always here

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