i was fisted by a friend

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back stabbers

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



i was fisted by one of my best friends

the last thing i ever expected of him

but it wasnt just me that he worked himslef inside of

my parents were mistreaded after giving nothing but thier love

do me dirty as much as you see fit

but you never should have brought my parents into this

it was going to be words and then nothing more from me

but now youll feel my fist its a matter of principality

i only hope i find you before you make it right

but i dont think youll do that or even try

so run rabbit run just as fast as you can

ill tell you now that if i catch you we will be talking man to man

well not so much talking just enougth to where you know what youve done

my parents never expected this of thier other son

youve hurt them bad, just as much as me

i guess taking you in like they did made them to blind to see

just what you could do, how capable you are

of taking what you want from them, tell me did it get you far?

a little bit of money, not as much as you thought

bet you thought you got away with it, that you wouldnt get cought

well i got you, i know its you, your just a little thief

hope it was worth what you got, cause the next thing youll have is me

explaining to you why, each time that you get hit

you better hope to god im not alone so theres someone to make me quit

teaching you this lesson about what you can and CAN NOT DO!!!!!!

its time to watch you ass my friend im comming after you!!!!!

see you real real soon 


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