is it love - by landonslester

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Submitted: September 05, 2012

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Submitted: September 05, 2012



The way you touch the way it makes me feel

makes me lose my mind out of touch from what is real

I know you're there coursing through my veins

are the highway to my heart the most direct path for you

and in my arms is where you start

hold you close tightly in my arms till I feel you inside of me

thinking you never do me harm you control my puppet strings

I'm at your mercy to your will for better lack of control

your warm embrace I long to feel what's worse I know I'm just a fool

I've lived without you oh so long still you weigh heavy on my mind

fully aware my love for you is wrong every pain heals with time

it would be effortless to have you back too often I want to just give in 


Regain the love that I lack and have your love once again
what is love isn't it what we share
is it love that breaks my heart is it love that makes any two a pair
could be love from the very start the first touch first feel first time we met
the first time you took control of me the very first time you make me sweat
for the first time you made me believe the warmth the feeling your place inside
you were a way for me to escape you showed me how to simply hide
from my troubles and a life I hate every time I felt crushed
any time that I couldn't bear the pain when it became too much 
i know that you were always there to sooth the troubles on my mind
to make them all just go away you give me the Solice I need to find
when I couldn't keep the pain at bay its you love that keeps me well
it's your love that stops the ache it is your love that keeps me from hell
it is the kind of love it can't be faked I want your love at any cost
I need your love to make it through its been your love I've always sought
the kind of Love i only get from you miles and miles from my home
I gladly make that lonely drive with you I never have to feel alone
you ease my heart and my mind mom and dad said to just let you go
but we've been together far too long they don't understand or ever could know
I don't care if our love was wrong they don't want to see you tear me apart
I tried to tell them that it is not your fault they've never liked you from the start
and try to bring our love to a halt but I'd still sneak to come get you
we'd be lying in bed all day together they wouldn't know and think that we were through
but the look in my eyes said they ought to know better so they asked me again if it was over
Id say it was over time and again mom would come up and cry on my shoulder
dad new better but tried to be my friend "son" he would say when we were by ourselves
"yes"  is all I needed  reply "when will you put this love on the shelf" 
"love can bring, but also end lives" how could he understand our lives aren't the same 
what did he know of the love we shared "I had a love too once when I was your age"
"thought that we made the greatest pair" "didn't think I'd ever live without her, I didn't ever want to let her go" 
"but then her love that she had for me he had turned into something I never wanted to know"
some love was worth having and dying for some love you have to just live with out
"what kind of future do you have the store? is it worth it, or do you have any doubts"
is it love that will save you or bring you down is it love u seek or just an escape
is it love that will put you or pick you up off the ground is it love that you need to forget all the hate
isn't love supposed to protect your heart isn't love supposed to warm the cold
isn't it love that hurts when your apart isnt love supposed to fill your soul
I think of these things and what we have sifting through to understand this mess
weighing out the good versus bad to figure out if the pleasure is worth the stress
I want you here but is it worth all the pain
I know that I need you but is it enough to see my breaking point time and time again
I know how I feel for you
but is it love

 you were always there to soothe the troubles on my mind


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