loving memories - by landonslester

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never forget my uncle phil

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012




Black deep lost the eyes of a dead man
cold grey untouched the skin of a dead man
memories last longer than words
thoughts of what was which is no longer
so take a picture to help you remember
the memories of a brother of a father
taken away by another in the heat of rage
but not to be set right this man sits not in a cage
but in the world with the living not with the innocent
is their sorrow in the heart of the killer or shall he not repent
what sits on his mind is it the memory of that day
or has he blocked it out or forgotten that I cannot say
will there be justice if there is such a thing
will he burn in hell and does the victim hear the angels sing
can he hear our prayers
And can the killer hear my curse
burning in hell or feeling the pain of my family which would be the worst
is it wrong to wish the pain of one onto another
like the pain that's being felt by the lost souls mother
has he taken the time to think of the damage that's been done
or will he justify it as a loss of only one
but that one is not a number or a part of some toll
that one had a name family and a soul
his name isn't significant except to those who care
like his face voice and memories that will never wear
Away from us now is a part of our lives
as a son wishes him back and oh how he tries
doughters who weep at the most joyful thoughts
like weddings and events when he should be there but cannot
he was taken from us by the decision of one man
who knew there could be such an impact by the force of his hand
a coward quite brave when he is faced with a back
lying low in the shadows waiting for an opportune time to attack
just beat him hard and no one will be hurt
now it's just four days later and he's resting in the dirt
Away from his family his friends and everything he loved
I guess they good to die young when push comes to shove
he is in a better place now is all that I'm told
better how in a box all alone and cold
did he get to say good night on the night that he left
or tuck in his kids and before he took his final rest
did he get to hold his wife one last time
or hear the words of his loved ones
or the words of mine
the last time I saw him was on the night that he went away
when I said see you later I thought it would be the next day
we planned on a cookout and to sit around and talk
but instead I was awakened by the sound of the shaky knock
and a crying father's whole world had just hit the rocks
He said wake up there is something I have to tell you
there has been an accident your uncle is gone he was taken too soon
we were jumped by some guys there was nothing I could do
by the time I got up it was already too late
they were gone and he was fading what a twisted fate
we were just out having fun singing songs and drinking beer
it all happened in an instant I was living my biggest fear
I couldn't stop the men before they got away
but don't worry the police are looking for these men and they will soon pay
they will rot in prison when convicted in court
but they didn't they got off due to a lack of report
now they are free until they finally fall
is there no justice on earth God help us all
Memories are made so not to be lost
unlike the lives of good people no matter the cost
cold and alone how we laid him to rest
but forget about this and simply remember the best
and loving memories


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