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true story

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012





by Landon Lester on Thursday, September 1, 2011 at 11:05am ·

stomach cramps a sharp pain in my side get to the hospital and they tell me its about time. that i got there why havent i been there you know you could die. comon now doc no need to fill me full of lies its not a lie its not funny do you want to croak. kick the bucket and put you six feet underground you wont be laughing as everyone you love looks down at you and crys. as you give a lifless response back through dead eyes. but its a good thing that your here now lets fix that which ails you., now go ahead and have a seat the doc will be right with you soon . patiently sitting there with nothing better to do , so i listened in on a conversation just to hear somthing new. the doctor said he'd talk to us when he gets the first chance. this cought my attention and i gave a quick glance. i saw a family in pain so i looked back to the ground feeling a little shamed . grandmas going to be alright isnt she dad his doughter asked. he responded with a yes as quick as his feelings were masked. his brothers and sisters had nothing to say. excuse me mr. lester if you could just follow me this way here is your room if you just change for us that would be grand. then across the hall a man wipes his eyes with a shakey hand. talking to the doctor "shes lived a long life, fourytwo years of marrige i was proud to call her my wife, may i go with you when you take her down stairs, i dont want to forget anything her looks and the fragrance she wears. ive not slept alone in almost twenty years". the doctor says sorry as this mans eyes fill with tears. you should stay with your family they neek you now more than ever before. as he walks into the room i hear the screams in side the closing doors. a grandoughter whos lost and can do nothing but weep. but she cant be dead she just cant be shes only asleep. darling its ok shes not in pain anymore. as her family entered the hallway i could see the saddened faces that they wore. greif sorrow lost and in the blue. aman had tried to talk but then he stoped, too confused. had he just lost a mother, or an aunt i dont know, but her family truley loved her thats somthing to show. through the darkness comes the light fading into nothing that we call life. five minutes must have passed then i heard a childs cry fallowed by a familiar tune, a timley lullaby, it went go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep little baby.


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