mmmmmm peanutbutter

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Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



you hear me beckoning wont you let me in, the warmth the comfort the sin pleasure where to begin the look of you and the touch of your skin

lay there dont move let me do my best my worst its all for you. do you want me will you have me open up let me in.

no pleasure no sin better than this, this moment, this.......this is whats worth living for you in front of me giving in to temptation, my temptation

you could say stop and i would, but you dont, you dont say anything you just take me in.

i remember when i found you sitting there all alone, no one wanted anythng to do with you, no one but me and you followed me to my home where i let you in

no regrets , no not now not after this , weve come to far to stop now unless your too uncomfortable, but still you say nothing

as you kiss my face i get the feeling inside one like never before, but that i knew existed and it fillls my soul thats been so cold and empty for so long  and i thankyou

deeper inside now i feel you i feel me i feel everything that we have came to be love is a tricky bitch

much like yourself but dont worry i love you and will never ask you to leave nor will i ask you to stay, i understand that you must go at some time and although it will hurt i will get by

but untill then i will embrace all the moments weve shared thus far and will remember them even longer never letting go its the only part of you i dont have to let go of

but as im completely hidden in your tunnel of love i cant help but wonder to my self if this is right being that we are in america and you are a dog, i thought this kinda thing was only leagle in canada........... if you were dead

oh well. i wont tell if you wont i love you kibbles yes i do! yes i do! would you like more peanutbutter......yea whos a good girl, thats right you are

good night, see ya in the morning


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