my first acid trip

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no shit, my first expierence with my favorite toy

Submitted: September 11, 2012

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Submitted: September 11, 2012



so, are you ready he asked me?

i just stared back at him blankly. i didnt know what he was talking about

sure, i said

well come on then, as he motioned for me to fallow

as he led me into the kitchen he pointed to the counter

what is it? i asked

all he replied was " the key" with a grin, he turned and started to walk back to the living room

how many,  i asked

what ever you think you can handle

as i looked at the bits of what seemed to be bits of torn up plastic squares, i thought to myself

the only feesable answer i could come up with is 4 out of 6 sounds good.

so i picked out the biggest and popped them into my mouth

i looked up and saw my brother standing in the door way watching

laughing he said " good, now get ready for a trip, the ride of your life '

as i fallowed him back into the living room i realized that everyone else seemed to know what was going on

as they stared at me when i joined them i got a series of hi fives, and some hell yeahs

i had just joined the ranks of the great visionaries of the minds eye

anxiousness took ahold of me, gittyness, and an overwhelming feeling of anticipation.

a little time passed then as the time of my life approached i took a seat in the entry hall

staring at the furthest wall from me i lost touch with what was real, minute by minute

i passed hours laying on my back watching feet passing me barely catching a glimpse of the faces that they belonged to

i heard laughter, side comments about the kid on the floor, and my brother randomly checking to see if i was alright

the room melted , swrilled, breathed, and dripped

a foggy haze seemed to accompany everything

the visions were accompanied with thoughts of the universe, what was, what is, and what is ever to come

the way things worked, the reason they broke down, and why they have yet to be

my past , present, and future. who would have ever thought it whould have led to this

i certianly didnt.

i remember that after a few hours Debbie walked in and tapped me on the shoulder

with glassy eyes, and a shit eating grinn i looked up and giggled

why dont you go and join the other kids she asked

where i asked, then "why"

cause all the adults are down here and the kids are upstairs in the game room

but i dont want to play games with the other kids i said

well how about just for an hour or two she countered

i looked past her to see my brother gesturing me to comply with her demands

i got up , walked to the stairs, and proceeded up them to find the other "kids"

i sat down in a chair in the corner and watched them do as they did

running, playing, killing time as 11yr. olds did

but i didnt feel like i belonged to the same faction

i may have only been 11 or 12 but i felt like i was an acient soul

transformed by time into the physical make up of an adolecent.

my eyes were open, my mind was free, and i now knew the truth 

and never again would i be as blind as the people "my own age"

nor, would i ever again want to be on the same plain

or looked down upon as just a kid, it was somthing i just couldnt except

and so, in that moment i grew up, not into a man but into and intelectual being, precieving  things i never new to exist

and for the first time i remember being truley happy in life

it was my moment of clarity.


its time to go he said

i snapped my head back staring at my brother up side down

to the moon then? i asked

no, home he replied

i live on the moon i thought to my self which forced a smile to my face

where is the ship/

 the car is out front he said to me

so in a moment i was on my feet with his hands under my arms helping me to them

we both turned and i grabbed his shirt to be sure that i didnt loose my self on the way out

goodbye debbie had said as i was making my way out the door

i looked at her blankly and just smiled

the ride home was a mystical expierence all in its self

the beauty of nature passing me by at excellerated rates of speed trying to focus on one image at a time

it was pointless and just not going to happen but i tried even harder attempt after attempt

then it stopped i was home, i was dissapointed, and i had to except the fact that soon very soon it would be over

but i was wrong, it didnt end there, not for a few more hours and not to my satisfaction

i was inside of my house watching t.v. then much to my dissmay it slowly faded bringing me back to reality

but not to the same person that i was before, i was someone else, someone new

but still my ride was over atleast for the time being,

i knew that i couldnt wait too long to do this again, i knew that also i didnt want to.


when i woke up the next morning it was back to the life i knew the day before, before the expierence

an 11 yr boy who had to live like one should

i hated it

i loathed every minute of it

but i did what i had to do

the world kept turning, i was just another person

lost in the maze

lost in time

lost in space

but i had somthing that others didnt

a way out

and soon very soon i would have the key to that door

and be free

once more






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