now thats love - by landonslester

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the lengths i would go to

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



you died so i dug you up

i cant go on with out my love

sadly you were a mangled mess

so i found some parts that suit you best

took you home and sewed you up

untill i thought you were good enough

took you back into our room

and treated you like a blushy groom

wrapped up tightly in a glove

we proceeded to consummate our love

it wasnt the same with the rubber on

so we did it again " till the break of dawn "

the expression you wore was grim and awed

from the moment you had met your god

but it could have been from the way

that i had shot you in the face

and really im sorry, but its what i had to do

and i have to say its better now that you dont move

remember when you wanted to move out of our home

well now you cant cause your dead

anyways i have to get the lube

cause id really hate to feel rude

and have to use excessive force

when i grab you by the ponytail and ride you like a horse

so for the first time in years

i dont have to see your tears

when i punch you in the face

and shove my fist up in your space

that was once reserved only for dick

and then the one reserved for shit

and when mom and dad would come to visit

you get thrown back in the closet

untill the next time i feel the urge

to cover your face with a mighty splurge

of my man juice all in your hair

and leave it there cause i dont care

im not going to kiss you during sex

cause thats the way i like it best

well thats not true there are other ways

that i like to get you laid

like on the table or the couch

with your new tits all hanging out

well atleast the one you still have left

after the dog had eaten the rest

of the replacements i had for you

they werent great but new to you

i swore id love you till the end of time

but it wasnt yours, it was the end of mine

not even death could tear us apart

he leaves that to the wolves and bears and raccoons and stray dogs and crows and my nephews who come over to play with thier auntie but are too rough with the seems i sewed so the stiches come out and then there are parts everywhere i have to clean up and put back together

anyways what im trying to say

is that i love you and always will

as long as i can keep you in tact

and as long as the cops dont find out

and try to take you away again


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