people die

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alone before and after death

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



the other day i saw a man lying in the street

a car had stole his breath away and knocked him off his feet

by the time help arrived he was already gone

that night i hardly slept a wink and was up before the dawn

with a cup of coffee in my hand i watched the sunrise

and felt the sickening sadness of watching ones demise

this brought me to apperciate the life that lay ahead

but knowing that at any time i could wind up dead 

searching through the paper, i saw nothing of this man

so i wonder if anyone had even gave a damn

who was he, was he loved, did he have anyone in his life

living parents, any siblings, kids, friends, or a wife 

the only ones who know what had happened are the ones who watched his end

ther probably was no funeral service, cause there was no one to attend

how sad he must have been living all alone

each day he would return to his lonley home

in his darkened living quarters alone sitting in a chair 

in front of him the cards laid out in a game of solitare

did he socialize with anyone, or do anything at all

if i had only known him then i could have given him a call

but its too late for this man and to have him for a friend

his ashes discarded to the ground and so his story ends

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