pool of pain

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ill break hearts

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



iknow our hearts are bound together with ties that cant be severed

but the knot that holds our binds together will it be tight forever

sometimes its though your slipping free which cares me half to death 

and somtimes its though were so damn close we have to syncronize our breaths

i see your smile, feel your skin, and am engulfed by your love

but i see your dissapointment feel the pain and wonder if its enough

up hill battles are seldom ever won

there are strength in numbersbut my army consists of one

for this is a war id really rather not fight

i wish there was a more efficient way to turn my wrongs to right 

my efforts amount to nothing and were looked at as a joke

a pool of pain to whallow in then left there to soak

i cannot please you cannot help you make you forget the things ive done 

i cannot do the things i promised and finish what ive begun 

and so i leave you all alone to start your life anew

and though it kills me to do this dear its prolly best for you 

im just a bad man an asshole peice of shit 

i should have told you from the get go that im just a dick 

so now you know and so ill leave you with the naked truth 

dont pray for me or for change it isnt any use 

its just the way ive always been and not likely to ever stop

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