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do something with your choice

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



praises be to free will and the choice to simply choose

to steal, no pillage, to murder, not kill, to rape, not just to simply fuck

its just a choice some will choose

to pick up a spoon, cotton and point

to fill it with dope and choose to enjoy

the simple things in life

the free will to live the choice to die,

to O.D, to hang for free

to bite the bullet to free the mind


praises be to the ones brave, those who dont care,

those who have nothing and nothing to loose 

the ones who know exactly what they want

the ones who chose to choose 

ones that can sit in a bathtub and turn the water red 

the ones angry at the world and dont mind loosing thier heads


praises be to gods, to self, to tortured souls

pitty to the rest of us who will live our lives

as nothing more than fools 

blind and without, never knowing ABSOLUTE freedom

in the choice to choose 

free will is a key to any door, a guiding light, my muse 

how would we, what would we, who would we be

should i, could i, would i want to 

if the choice was left to me 


im thankfull for my free will and whatever i may choose to do 

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