running free - by landonslester

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something someone somewhere

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



my mind is lost and running free

i cant find the thought thats just escaped me

somthing about someone, or somthing like that

somewhere out there is where it might be at

im not too shure, or id know where to start

i dont think im concerned, when we are apart

i wont be shure untill it comes back

then its hard to say how i may react

ill be shure to let you know though, when i know myself

when i know what i should feel, if there is somthing to be felt

crazy i tell you running free all night

id have laid it down to sleep but i didnt want to fight

fight with myself about what i should do

but i didnt have to worry about it, it was out chasing after you

the last thing i remember i was laying here in bed

i closed my eyes for just a minute, thats when my mind broke free and fled

out in the night free from nightmares and the signs

that the prophisized vision of you might be right this time

so it raced to get to you, to let its slef be known

afraid that it might not find you, it did not travel alone

so with him his companion, thats been there from the start

the last one to have felt you, with him went my heart

left behind was the shell, the prison they escaped

the body that had broken down, they had no time to waste

off to know you, to try to feel you, what they both have missed

bickering who should take the blame for how it came to this

neither one wanting the blames sole ownership alone

both decided to give up and just return back home

now my heart is bleeding, my thoughts are cloudy, as a whole im wrecked

knowing somthing needed to be done, my sould stepped in to clean up the mess

to my mind he said remember staying up all night

talking, laughing, seeing life through each others eye

and to my heart that lays there aching over what its lost

remember what youd do for love no matter what the cost

and now your both  just giving up, tired and giving in

dont forget she was there for you both, for us all, thats our best friend

where would we be if not for her, lost in time or wasting space

 we were in her heart, on her mind, we all had a special place

the body had another to hold and even  i had found a mate

now you both just want to give that up, what, you think she going to wait

pull yourselves out of our ass and put our head on straight

so lets go find what we are missing, atleast try to tempt fate

and remind her why she even cared to care

let her know that we are still here

see if she would like to know

how we all have come to grow

into a boy that is growing up

into a man that isnt stuck

in the mess he has been in

and is longing for his bestest friend

to see if we can try to be

a pair of hearts, souls, body, and minds out and running free


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