shadow man - by landonslester

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Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



come one come all just come and see

the shell of a man that used to be

but no longer he is and no longer he'll be

a shadow or ghost for none to see

he's taking the steps he's fallowing his dream

to leave you all in missery

with his words he'll spread the fear

and with his knife he'll shed some tears

he'll take the one that caused his pain

he'll do all this just to have a name

ignore him not for another day

cause on this night someone will pay

the aches and pains of living life

will not be his after tonight

 his one he'll find the bastard of it all

and make the scene anything but small

blood all over and parts as well

he's going to put this one through hell

and after thier life is over and done

he'll take himself out with a gun

and when you read it in the news

youll start to peice together the clues

and relize that this shadow man

carried out his perfect plan

you didnt know him a week before

but youll remember him forever more


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