sleep - by landonslester

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sweet dreams

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012




And over prolonged hesitation of an absent mind
the dead eye blinks even though they are blind
to touch is to feel but I feel only numb
I speak only in silence for the fear of biting my tongue
I worry about the thoughts of looking into your eyes
and feeling nothing when you're filling me full of your lies
I don't know what to think based on what I see
but I know to feel anger when you talk down to me
I never treated you like this or anything close
but you're tearing at my flesh is what I missed the most
you're a bit too far for me to reach you now
and if there is a way to hold you close I will figure it out
get you in my arms and hold you ever so tight
and tell you that I love you and that there is no reason to fight
You'll give in and lay down your every ever angry arms
for you know that you are safe and away from harm
or at least that's how it was before you left this last time
hush-hush now little darling there is no need to cry
until I shatter your world and show you the meaning of alive
when you're struggling for breath gasping to survive
when my hands are forceful and laying you down to sleep
there for that brief moment is your time to weep
when you're screaming and wasting your very last breath
I'll remind you of how you lied about everywhere you've slept
oh you can't breathe I'm quite sorry for you
but you've already suffocated me I'm dying too
I want you to choke on this pillow as I choke on my tears
I want you to bask in your suffering like I've done for years
it didn't matter to you then so why wouldn't now
how could you do this please tell me how
beg for forgiveness beg for your shallow life
it will do you no Justice you're still going to die
die by my hands like I did buy yours
you know how the saying goes when it rains it pours
well I just flooded your life with all of my force
I took matters over and altered nature's course
I thought you should die now
why won't you die, die for me please
as I lifted the pillow with the utmost of ease
i found you dead, to bad it was only a dream


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