so thats it then

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love hurts

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



so today might just be the most disappointing day that ive known to date

i know what i should have done but felt the need to tempt my fate

maybe i should have moved quicker, or made my plans known

knowing now that your happy? hurts as much as being alone

i wish you could have waited, i wish i wouldn't have waited so long

i wish i could be there with you,or been there with you all along

but i guess this time was sure to come, i just didn't want to be here to see

when you noticed the sword above my head then decided to cut the string

so on with my life, all the thrill has up and gone away

continuing this god damn game that i don't want to play

so if we cant be, and you are truly through

then i guess these coffee shop meetings are going to have to do

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