the deepest darkness

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pitch black

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



i sit here alone like i have for a while. waiting on somthing, any reason to smile. the darkness setting in and i become uninspired. the out look is grim and im growing quite tired. tired of the nothingness, tired of my "my life", my existence. this feeling of failure wont go away and has grown quite persistant. its beating me down untill there is nothing left to feel. no joy nor pain, no not anything nothingness is all to real. i can not stand this measly way of living. no not any longer what is it im not getting. besides the obvious, love, companionship, a complete lack of passion. this is not the first time this nothingness has happened. ive grown to know this feeling, ive grown to know it well. i cannot imagine anything worse except mabey the depths of hell. which seems to be calling me shouting out my name. didi i bring this upon my self or is there someone else to blame. mabey one of my exes or a brother i despise. or anyone ive come across with those ever decitful eyes. telling me that thier my friend filling me with lies. or mabey just that person that i see every day. when i look into the mirror, dose he see me in the same way. whos to blame me, him, or all of you. i need to get my self out of here but there is nothing i can do. but think of all my troubles and how they drive me crazy. this emptyness is overwhelming to where nothing seems to phase me. but its ok ill be alright  atleast  as far as you will know. ill sit here and hide my tears with no feelings to be shown. so when you see me then you ask how are you doing today. ill look at you and then respond with a look cause i have nothing good to say.

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