the truth at last -by landonslester

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god cant spell either

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



we are said to be made in gods image, this perplexes' me.

so god is a manically depressed recovering junkie with a slight narccistic voyeur tendency

good hearted, but self absorbed doing most everything for his own well being

not very god like if you ask me, not one id choose to fallow specially after seeing

all the damage that has been done in the name of. but hey to each their own

which is why you wont find a shrine in his name in my home

but still im perplexed, cause if i look around what i do see is me

if im as god is does that me him, or does that make him me

what is to be taken from this, i must be god, thats all that makes sense

and why doesn't anyone else recognize this fact of the matter

all they recognize is the hymns and all the senseless chitter chatter

none of which makes me feel any the better, why wont you all appease me

do as you will what ever makes you happy, i only care for a few of you Anyways

so what ever you want to do, however you want to spend you days

do it for you, cause i could care less. there it is the truth at last

live your life and never ever look back, all you'll see is the past

has it been wasted, did it make sense at the time

or are you all simply just living out a lie

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