the way - by landonslester

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Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



i was born years ago today

growingresponsibilitiesshortening the time to play

moving all around me im lost in time

my structured life collapsing and im the reason why

i don't understand myself and why i do what i do

im not sure ill ever know by the time my life is through

how did it come to this whats become of me

where do i start from now who am i supposed to be

the boy i was has not grown up he has only gotten older

the warm lust of living life has only gotten colder

i see no path no direction for me now

i have to make it through someway but i cant see how

the more i try the more tired i become

exhausted by my efforts how'd i ever succumb

i made the hard climb up the tower only to fall back down

nothing to break my fall but the jagged rocks on the ground

breaking my back for these broken dreams

ive been trying to escape but death wont let me leave

no the plans for my life were much darker than imagined

the extent of terror i never could have fathomed

when i knew what they were i had no clue what to do

i was to be damned to live this life all the way through

now im lost searching begging for an end

but my only escape is with paper and a pen

as hard as i try will i never fully get out of this place

it only tricks my mind enough to get a taste

of what freedom is or what i think it might be

i can see enough to dream but to feel is out of reach

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