thinking of you - by landonslester

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Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



i dont expect you to know how much ive been missing you

i just want you to know that i do

my heart and mind are so damn tired from trying to hold on

to the sight. the sound, the smell of you before they all have gone

each time i try a little more fades, im losing the things that i miss

holding you close, seeing you smile, the way it felt when we would kiss

do you miss them, do you care, does it ever cross your mind

if you tried could you remember or have they faded away with time

when im alone i like to think back on the better days

for when i smile a tear builds up cause the meaning seems to fade away

when i think back on the thought again and the expressions that you wear

i didnt get the warmth inside,  it simply isnt there

the memory is shot, its dead and gone so i push it to the back

so it seems to me the strength i need is the one thing that i lack

i cannot simply get over you when your in my head each day

but its not like ive tried cause deep inside ive wanted you to stay

in my head, in my heart and in the touch of my hand

even when its me your all i see, please try to understand

im not a bad guy, im just missing you and the thought of what could have been

the well is running dry, and like you and i its comming to an end

cause when they are gone ill be moving on to an diffrent ex-girlfriend

whos thoughts still live on in my mind and start all over again

i know you want this to be about you so go ahead make yourself feel great

just know this is how i think of you when i masturbate

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