this is for the people who will never read this

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you dont need me

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



so what is there left to say that i haven't, a hundred times before

do i need to make it known each time i have to get up off the floor

every time that im down, every time that i try

to find peace in every hard time

to share anything at all that has everything or nothing to do with you

always talking about the same ol'feelings and nothing new

well im putting forth the effort, and trying my best

trying to not make this sound just like the rest

so there is new focus in my life for once its me

ive come to the decision that thats how it has to be

im going to hurt some feelings in the process

if i didn't have to i wouldn't but thats why lifes a test

to see if you can handle the paths that you take

and learn to do whats right and learn from mistakes

and if our roads crossed, and ive wronged you some how

well im sorry for that and im trying to make up for it now

if we used to know each other, but now were distant friends

im happy for what times we shared, and sorry it had to end

if you think im only trouble, i would have told you your right

if you were talking about the old me, the one i had to smite

i understand you don't believe me, don't worry its ok

thats why im isolated and far far away

from those who used to love me, but now cant be my friend

i know it has to be this way, truly i do understand

so for the times we had i thank you, those days were the best

and for the ones that will never come i put the thought to rest

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