this is what you do to me - by landonslester

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true romance

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



thinking about my latest dream

you were there to make it what it be

and for you i took the chance

then you let me in your.......... heart

i know how i wanted it for us to be

and im so damn happy you wanted me.

anyother guy just wouldn't doo.

and thats why i fell in deep for you

i love the way you look at me

and i love the way that you touch

i loath the fact that im all alone

and your nowhere to be found in my home

but thats just for now, the future will show

that there is no other options or place forthis to go

now ive got you and you will not break free

from the power you hold over me

which i don't mind its how i want it

im sure you don't mind cause your all up on it

but then again you may grow tired

of they ways i set you on fire

not so literal but more like you junk

getting you all hot and bothered

someday the lingering lust will make me a father

when at last you finally decide you want my bun

placed inside you love oven where as before it was just for fun

but you know i mean when i tell you these things

i means i want you and love you more that it seems

and your even better in person then you are in my dreams

and damn how i love everything that you are

your the best match ever and i mean it by far

now all i need is my shit to be on track

so i never lose you and have to fight for you back

but it shouldn't be a problem, cause im fixing all my faults

so the progress of love will never come to a halt

ill be here as long as you have me with you

and ill do al the things that i said i was going to

so with all of that being said to the girl i adore

i cant think of i thing that i would want more

thento have you here by my side whenever you can

and let me know im the only man

that you want , that you need , that you want on my knees

to make you do the things that can make you scream

you could do them on your won but its more fun using me

ill show you my talents if you have the time to see

but you already know the extent of my powers

how i turned the pretty little bud to a full blown blossom

cause i pretty great but together were fucking awesome

together we are what all couples aspire to be

but you just being you , and im being me

togetherwe are the greatest that any have ever fucking seen

and somedaywe will have started the best family to ever have been seen

soon very soon very very very very soon ill be there to love you even more

than you ever have ever in your life before

so get ready and brace your self for the love thats going to happen again

cause im going to wreck that ass like and east bound train

god damn i fucking love you more and more each second that passes

by the way i love the fuck out of you

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