toys in the attic

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my first loss of love

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



im old unwanted and replaceable im dusty untouched and forgetable just like toys in the attic is how i live wishing i was new and had somthing more to give somthing to be desired somthing that you want but im not im just here as somthing you want to hold on to im not new and your through playing with me it  cant be i dont see what you want from me dont i make you happy anymore i guess not as i am tossed apon the floor but if i was a new toy with new joys id be a new boy mabey thats what i need to suceed to make you want me im tired of being just another old thrill and im so fucking tired of the same old deal im just here as a keepsake packed up with the junk awaiting the day i get to ride in the trunk with the rest of your toys from your child hood years choking on the memories and drowning in the tears. cant you pick me up just once for old time sakes and act like you still love me i dont care if its fake its the only thing i want every morning that i wake ive still got more to give and its all yours to take if you just reach out ill reach back for your hands  i love to reach your heart again and feel like im your man its somthing to be given not somthing i should steal these are all true statments and my feelings are real this is no laughing matter this is really how i feel this is an overpowering nemesis that i cant seem to kill but youll always want somthing new so i sit here still awaiting the day you come to me and say common my favorite toy do you still know how to play and ill respond with a yes like ive planed all this time so you can play with me  and  i can call you mine it will be the brightest day the sun has ever shined in hopes that it will melt our hearts so they will finally bind into one sacred bonding for the rest of our lives or will i stay in your shadow for the rest of times 

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