what can i do, bu give this to you and let you know i know why im not your man anymore

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thats her

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



it looks as thought you have moved on

i only hope that i am wrong

but from what i can see

you have found someone who isnt me

angry? no.

hurt? quite a bit

sorry? yes.

i wish you didnt quit

but i cant let it ruin me, not anymore

eventually my heart wount be so sore

thats what i keep telling

the heart that hardly beating

you get angry cause i care

cause you dont want to bare

the emotions that show

along with letting someone go

along with the pain

that its sure to bring

will you please let me know when you do

so that i can finally let go of you

belive me i dont want to let you go

but it was somthing you were shure to have me know

that there are no stings

to bind you to me

i guess the years we shared

were only just enough to know you cared

for me when you let me go

and forced me out of our mostly happy home

but what ever it takes to make you happy

is what is going to be the best for me

the long time hurts

after the short time curse

just i wish i had enough time to finally prove

that i was never ever going to again hurt you

so if i never end up gettting you back

then the rest of my lifetime youll be what mine lacks

your look, your touch, your endless love

and the feel of your heartbeat when you gave me my last hug

i didnt mean for this to hurt you, i didnt mean to make you cry

i just want you to know that you changed my life

it was the hardest lesson i ever had to learn

and i know that ill always feel the burn

every time i feel my heart beat out of sync from yours

ill know that it was my fault i was locked out of your doors

i would tell you that im sorry but its simply not enough

your the only one ill never stop wanting, the only one ill always love

i regret the fact that i make this hard for you

and belive me when i say it cause i truley doo

i just hope that you dont hate me

for as upset as you may be

i promise to never do this again

cause at the least i wish to still have a friend

but im not ging to lie, im still madly in love with you

it was the only thing to soothe the pain that i could think to do

im sorry for what my mind sometime does

and im sorry for the future but till then good bye my love


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