you mean ear infuction

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flip that sh!t

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



you have a chickdick i love you anyways

i have a mangina and you love me just the same

the way mine sticks out, the way yours sinks within

the way you just open up and the way you take me in

i slide in with a gracefull ease

we fit to gether so naturaly

and if i know the way to please

ill be spending the most time on my knees

and watch you as i caress the tip

of your pretty little chickdick

you can pet on my mangina

as i take my place behind ya

soon enough youll start to see

that you are the one for me

if youll have my mangina ill take your chickdick

cause we already know what we'll be working with

and as i take that happy trail south

soon enough ill have you in my mouth

and after that ill have the treat

of having you enjoy my meat

only then will we see

how happy together we can be

now come here baby and let me know

that you know how this game goes

and when i use the saftey word

you take you chickdick out of my ear


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