zone play - by landonslester

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get in the zone

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012



Comfort - what you're used to, feeling secure

comfort zone is what I need

after all this my needs must feed

trying so hard to get back where I was before

I must go about finding another door

another number another home another bed another phone

too many changes it's not that great

maybe all this will determine my fate

can't be like this no not now

everything was perfect so I ask myself how

how did this happen and what should I do

should I continue to run or get back with you

the comforts just not there

like you brown eyes snd not so blonde hair

so where's the comfort where's what I know

If I had only done what I said instead of putting on a show
because that's all that was when i didnt do what I say
now I have to live with it day after day
what should I do now tell me
someone please tell me
because if I don't get back in my zone should just leave me be
i deserve better
Why should I deserve better
I don't know why
probably because I'm used to being in a better spot
then I fell behind cause of the beer and the pot
again I did this all out of comfort
what I needed to do was get some support
but I didnt do that I'm used to doing nothing
all the time I should've been doing something
but I didn't
fuck it 


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