Dark Shadows from bygone days........

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This happened when I was about 4 years of age. This is a true story just to tell you that we must be careful when deeling with children as they may mis understand us ....adults.

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



DARK SHADOWS.........................

 The gloomy environment around, made my heart grip, with uneasiness ,as I was seated there, in the law stool . The tiny one we use, to sit , about six inches high ,  when we do work in the kitchen floor  those days.

The temporary kitchen was, a mud hut with a  thatched roof . 

The floor was not cemented. The kerosene oil bottle lamp was, the only thing which gave a feeble light.

 The illumination was, only around the flame . 

Fearful shadows were made by it, in this dark night, as we were seated in a law level. 

WE,  yes, who are these we . It is my mother,  my self,(  the  small girl of about 4 yrs of age ), 

and a  young woman, who has came to our place from my mothers parental village, as a domestic helper .. 

The time was around 7.00 pm as far as I can remember. Those days  we  were in a  two roomed house which was actually two storage rooms attached to  a school hall. I just dont know, how my parents managed with six children in such a small space.So this small hut has to be called ,the kitchen and now we were there. My mother was there, speaking with the woman standing there. The woman was seated on another law stool  ,( we call it 'bankuwa ") and was cutting something  , the knife was kept to the floor using her foot. The sharp edge is facing up .

She was cutting onions using both hands .

She cut it and was putting it in to a wide mouthed clay pot, containing some vegetable pieces. The place was so dark. Since I was afraid to look around, I kept my concentration to her quick fingers . For some time my mother was talking with her,  and I dont know when ,  somehow she has gone out without taking me. If I were to go to our room, I have to go out, into the dark night outside and enter the house. . How can I go without anyone. So suddenly I found myself  there, with that woman all alone. I was very scared ,and was  waiting till my mother's appearance. I sat still because , when we move the big horrible shadows too move, faster than us. 

Then it happened. At once, she reached out to a bottle nearby, and took something out of it. Then she put it in my hand. A hard thing, like a piece of wood about four  inches long. I just took it into my little hand.  Confused as I didnt know what it is. 


" Hmm... now keep this , give it to me when I ask for it. 

Dont eat it . If u eat ... I will kill you.  "


The words were so harsh .

Fear griped my small heart. Oh !! dear, What is she going to do to me... how can I eat this hard piece of wood. What made her think I will eat it. Why mother is not coming... If I move accidentallyeven, she may think I am going to eat it. The killing is not that difficult as she is with that big knife. I can see her white teeth, as she was smiling a wicked smile . The teeth glistened at the dark background. Not knowing what to do, I was there shivering with fear I kept that terrible thing as hard as I can in my small hand sitting still. 



Later I came to know that it was a piece of Maldive fish !!!!



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