Damned Life

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NOTE- This is sort of a prolouge than a summary...so yeah :/

Linne stopped, sniffed and watched. The smells of diffrent animals become farmiliar when you live in the forest for 10 years. Linne watched the 8-year-old girl at her park. She was crying, but why? Purple ribbons flew into her face and Linne noticed something, something diffrent something new. This girl was not ordinary, but could it be another? The girls were randomly chosen, but always arrived at the park crying. They cried for years sometimes before their fate was in sight, the excluding fate Linne had experienced.

Izzy stopped her tears, why was she here? Always in this forest park, always this forest even though countless parks full of other 8 year olds scattered the neighborhood she lived in. Silently the shadows grew nearer and neared to Izzy. Today the shadows were not shadows but other beings of power like Izzy. Today leaves crunched and the trees bristled as the other entity came near her.

Linne was just inches away from the girl now. A step forward could change the fate of the forest, as well as others. The choice arrived for the little girl, and Linne could not let her experience it alone. A choice to be the most powerful person in the world, yet you would lose anything and everything. Why do they choose them at such a young age?

Thats when the dialouge started.

"Your not a shadow, your a human being!"
"I may not be a shadow but the human classification is not for me."
"But you are like me, the owner of-"
"Don't tell the people listning, what we are is too valuble to lose."
The little girl shed a tear.
"I don't want to go! Don't make me go!"
"Leave now or go home. Ask yourself this, young girl- How will you get home in an abyss of people who do not match your expertise?"
The girl thought and cried some more.
"My mommy will be scared. She dosen't like me out late anyways!"
"Your mommy will forget about you. You server a greater cause now, you must live to serve."

Hand in hand, two girls walked into the shadows and forever held their silence.

Submitted: October 02, 2013

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Submitted: October 02, 2013



...and as the two girls left in shadows they emerged in light. Blinding flashes hurt the two girl's eyes as they stepped onto the platform.
It was gone.
In a moment the light was gone and the forest reappeared.
"What is your name, sweet child?" Linne asks, with her bright red smile on a plae face.".
"Izzy. Call me Izzy" the short, young girl responds.
Linne smiles, and leads the young apprentice into the forest to learn the ways of a shadow creature.

Izzy stepped her now gold shoe into the grass, watching the creatures scurry and cry. A trail of ash follows them but little does the girl notice. Her choice- the choice she was pressured into answering- was life or death. An eternity of knowing exactly what was going to happen would be pitifull, but to make everyone suffer from her death would hurt them much more then her. Her mother would cry and kneel at her grave, screaming at god for taking her precious baby girl away, and eventually go mad. Izzy new this now, yet she knew the pain of her mother not knowing who she was. Maybe this was reversable? Maybe Izzy could go back, not work for the shadows and just go home. Too risky. The shadows were always watching, yet they gave her sight? Why do these stalkers want to be seen? Yet was that not the cause of a shadow creature, to bring the fear to them? Work against everything holy, everything she would not have wanted mere hours ago, even though she knew that she was chosen how could she praise the devil? Impossibilites, so many of them pryed at Izzy's mind. The train of thought stopped and she was back in the grass noticing the singed ground and dead butterflys. Izzy began to cry.

"Whats wrong, dear child?" Linne asked.

"I don't want to be a servant of the devil! I do not wish to feed off of other peoples' fears!" Izzy responded. The girls stared at their surroundings and simply enjoyed the quiet for a moment before Linne responded.

"Izzy, we know everything in the world, and that is enough for both of us to realize one does not turn down an offer like this. You should be honored, he knew that you held potential in your tiny mind ao he destined you to be this! Were you raised so harshly you cannot adapt? You cannot submit to this, because of such an influence? Tell me, is family that much to you or do you wish to fulfill a destiny?".

Linne had no point, her life till now was too strongly influenced with catholism. Izzy could not simply forget...waht good whould that do! "Linne...I can't do this! I do not want to hurt the children and feed on their pain and fear! How do you accept something so foul?".

Linne sighed, "Satin saves us, don't you see? Anyway, I can see you will begin to change to suit him. Satin always wins.".

The devil sat in his throne, watching his shadow army rejoice at the Shadow Creature sucsess. He thought that the shadow army could handle fighting the light and getting food, but he was wrong. Hell needed a new race, and these girls would bring him one, but what Satin could not figure out was Izzy's resistance. Why was she fighing him? Why was she fighing herself for this? Izzy was programmed to become his basic slave, how did she have such will? Memories of her former life? No flaws were found in Linne, so why now in Izzy, how was she any diffrent? Whatever it was, Satin would fight for her, because whoever she is she is powerful and too special to be lost.

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