Back To My World

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Natalie and Rachel find a letter and find themselves in a life and death scenero in a diffrent world.

Submitted: September 11, 2009

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Submitted: September 11, 2009



"Natalie," Rachel called from the other end of the hallway. Her pale green eyes were focused on her sister. Her brown hair in a ponytail behind her. Rachel got up and stared at her twin sister.

"What!" she replied

"Do you know where my gym shoes are?”?

"I borrowed them," Natalie replied, walking over to her. "I forgot mine at home,"

"Ask next time," Rachel sighed, "You nearly gave me a heart attack," Natalie stammered.

"You borrow from me all the time," she said getting up and storming out of the hallway for the front door. Rachel reluctantly followed her still a bit angry. They walked outside the school. They noticed that their mother wasn't waiting so they would have to walk home. That seemed to happen allot lately; knowing that if she were to show up that she would be on time. There was nothing more to really say; she was an on time person; she was either on time or she wasn't coming.

"Look like we are walking,"

"No dah," Natalie replied.

"Well I was just making a statement," Rachel replied, "You didn't need to bitch about it,"

"I'm sick of your attitude,"

Rachel stopped walking and glared at Natalie. The school wasa safe way in the distance and Rachel was steaming. Her face was deep red; almost the same color as her best friend Mallory or atleast was her friend. Rachel and her got into an argument a couple days ago; it all happened because she wanted to do an art project with someone other then her. Mallory wasn't good at art and Rachel wanted someone who would do her good. It was nothing personally but more out of intelligence. Rachel didn't know why she was giving her sister the same glare Mallory did. Rachel stopped glaring and began to run off. Her feet were dragging against the floor; she was almost tripping over herself. She was in a slump her self.

"What is this?" Natalie asked picking up a neatly tied brownbag. She carefully untied it revealing a small piece of paper. It said four words. Ryda, 12:00 Squeaky Hunt. Natalie looked up at Rachel. Rachel didn't think too much of it. She began to walk off; still holding the bag Natalie followed her. They soon reached their house. They opened the front door walking in. They were greeted by a white light.

The light felt heavy; Rachel felt like her feet cramp. Natalie felt the same way but she was much more terrified. They felt them self falling; confusion, scared ness and curious were among their feelings. They fell with a slump. When the light cleared they managed to open their eyes from the blinding sensation.

They looked up at a strange place. The sky was a dark red; not the usually crystal clear bleu sky. There was not a single cloud. Rachel saw there were a few mud huts, but not a big building in sight. The place was pretty deserted except for a few weird looking moving things. They were green balls with a green antenna. They almost looked like a robot.

Rachel looked over at her sister who was standing there staring right at her shocked. Natalie looked back at her and realized that her clothing had changed. She was wearing a dress; an ugly green puking dress and looking down at herself she was wearing an equally ugly dress except hers was blue.

Rachel grabbed on the scared Natalie to motion her to move. Rachel was in too much shock herself to realize what was going on. Since she no longer had on shoes the ground felt rough at best. She headed towards one of the hut buildings. She then noticed the hut had no door. Inside the small hole she noticed a dark dirt hole. This was becoming more and more unusual.

"Natalie, Rachel," the voice said, "Please come in,"

"How does she know my name," Natalie whispered to a scared stricken Rachel. Rachel felt every bone in her body harden. She was scared.

"Come on you two young girls. We must prepare your meeting to Queen Veronica,"

"Veronica," Rachel asked, "Who is she?"

"Oh my bad," the voice said, "She is this world's queen," Natalie gathered the courage to walk in and see who was talking. She stands in front a small elder lady. She has on a brown robe. Her grey wired hair was sticking out. She reminded Natalie of her grandmother with the glaring yellow smile. Rachel finally found herself with Natalie. She didn't seem scared this time just shocked.

"Um! Who are you?" Rachel asked,

"Oh my bad again. Rydda is the name. Rydda, Rydda. Must you not forget this name? Rydda,"

"We heard you," Rachel snapped, remembering the bag, "So who is Squeaky?"

Rydda covered her face making gurgling noises. She sounded like she was in pain. Her house seemed to shake a little but it could have been just the environment setting or mood that was causing everything.

"Squeaky name must not be in vain," Rydda spoke, "Such a legend. A world of woe, of peace, and of great danger. A place that will never be put to rest,"

"This woman is weird," Rachel said whispering to Natalie. Natalie just nodded.

"You think I'm weird?" Rydda interrupted.



Rachel and Natalie enchanted glances. The room went dark. What is happening? Natalie said her arms being tied together, too scared to speak.


“I kidnapped you and now I shall put you to rest,”


“Let me go,” Rachel cried. “Natalie!”


“Natalie,” she snickered “is dead and soon you will be. After I’m done with you.”


I felt the grip on my wrists getting tighter. I felt an extreme pain on my legs.

“Help,” I said. “Squeaky,” the words slipped out.


Soon Rachel was back home as if nothing happened. Rachel then realized Natalie was nowhere in sight.


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