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A poem of how I feel at this given second.

Submitted: June 11, 2009

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Submitted: June 11, 2009



Broken disk, broken soul

I have no strength left

I’m breathing on no air

I’m walking on this thin line

I can’t take this

I can’ stand you

When you are like this

I care

I swear

This is the end

What shall I do

Before I finally fail

I can see through you

But it is fogging up

I don’t know you

I can’t know you

If this is who you became

Your selfish

Lonely, no ambition to show

I can support it

I can run from it

Either way I will hurt

I need to choose

I need to jump

Deciding what it is that I need

What I require

What it is that  makes me tick

What is that you want from me

I have nothing more to give

You are willing to give back

Take take take

Is all you do

You’re the he

You are spoiled

I have everything to give

You just take everything

Bow, and insult

Im so sick and tired of it

Tomorrow another day

Hopefully ill wake up

Smell the coffee, bring me down

Soon there will be nothing

But a pile of ashes remaining

Sweet Dreams and fare well

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