I Just Don't Want To Care

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Cherry is reminded from a guy who raped her from her past and she is convincing herself that she doesn't care about him, because he is ancient history.

Submitted: March 04, 2009

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Submitted: March 04, 2009



Cherry grabbed a stack of mail from the mail box. She sat the stack of many envelopes on the table. She began rummaging throught the mail. She stopped when she came across a letter. It was sent from the jail house. She couldn't think of anyone in jail who would want to contact her.

She reluctantly open the envelope to pull out a neatly folded piece of paper. She opened it and across the top stated "To Cherry". She decided to read on.

To Cherry:

I'm writing you this letter as a fair warning, more as a plea. A plea for your forgiveness. I know you hate me and wish me to just to rot away. I mean for what I did to you. I admit that I hurt you and got great pleasure from it at the time, but now I'm thwarted with myself, what a selfish disgusting human being I was. I never forgave myself or been able to get past what I did to you.

Next month I get released from prison, which I want you to know I'm going to search for my daughter Dana which I left behind and hope I can put this behind me and become a better person. The past twenty two years have changed me. The scars I have caused you may never heal but you must know that I'm truely sorrya nd maybe one day you'll forgive me.

Donald Ban

Cherry suffered through reading it. Her face was pale and she was near saline. The image of Donald all those years ago began to resurface. She could remember his dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He was so much bigger then she was. She remember walking through the park and he grabbed her. The screams and the fear was rushing back.

Suddenly the front door opened and her husband Ivan walked in. Cherry didn't know it was him so she grabbed a vase and through it at him. It hit him in the face.

"I'm so sorry Ivan." she cried finally realizing she had attack her husband. "I thought you were someone else." she ran to him. Blood was rushing down the side of his face. A piece of the vase was sticking out the side of his face. He dropped the stuff her was holding and sat down on the wicker seating. He was touching his face looking at the sweaty blood coming from it. He was staring from the floor up to Cherry.

"Ivan, I didn't mean to, please say something." Cherry said.

"Cherry, it is okay." he replied agonizingly. “I don’t care, there is something that is bothering you.”

"We need to get you to the hospital."

"I'll be okay honey." he paused. "Who did you think I was."

"I thought you were someone breaking in." she lied.

"Someone must have been wandering around. Anyway I need to clean up." he go tup and went to the bathroom where Cherry followed. He yanked out the piece of glass. Blood began to pur out. Cherry quickly grabbed a facecloth and held it againts his face. He unenthusiastically let her. He was gasping with pain. The bleeding soon stopped.

It was 11pm before Ivan and Cherry settled down to go to bed, she had put their daughter to bed hours previous. It didn't take Ivan long to fall asleep. Cherry just layed their unable to fall asleep. When her clock rand midnight she got up and went to sit in the kitchen where she pulled out the letter. She began to read over it over again and again before she picked up a cup that was on the table and through it againts the wall and it shattered into a million pieces.

"YOU WILL NEVER HURT ME." Cherry cried loudly. She took the letter and shoved it behind the stove. Ivan came running to the kitchen followed by Crystal.

"What is wrong mommy?" she asked.

"I was just watching a scary movie when I dropped the cup." she made up a excuse.

"Crystal, why don't you go upstairs to bed while your mom and I talk." Crystal nodded and went upstairs. When they were sure she was in bed Ivan proceeded.

"What is wrong Cherry?"

"It is nothing, I thought I saw someone." she said.

"I'm going outside to see if anyone is lurking around."

Before Cherry could say anything Ivan had went outside to search. HE came in a few minutes later.

"There is no one out there. Why don't you come back to bed and try to get some sleep."

"Okay!" Cherry said.

She finally managed to fall asleep. She woke up the next day at around 10am. She remembered the letter and hurried downstairs to the kitchen hoping it was all just a nightmare. She looked and picked up the crumpled piece of paper. She put it back when she heard Ivan and Crystal coming down.
“I don’t care about you Don, you won’t hurt me. I don’t care.” I whispered
“What don’t you care about?”
“My past!”

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