kyrain,...(part 2)

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A note to kyrain

Submitted: May 12, 2013

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Submitted: May 12, 2013




Hi, hows ur life now? I kinda miss u. You know im not gonna deny that i told u i loved u. I was gonna wait for you like u was for me. But that was before i was told by everyone in your family that u didnt want me. So i moved on. Cody asked me out so i said okay. When u told me wat u said i was gonna break up with him, i realy was but i actully wanted to tell him with my voice but i couldnt get to him. Then u threatened me so i did wat u told me to do i defriended u and left u alone. Cody broke up with me withen the hour. Then i thought about it but u seemed to have made up ur mind so i went to the next guy who liked me. Hes realy sweet. In case ur wondering hes a christian and he dont smoke and he dont like abuse. I know hell treat me swell. His name is chris just so  know. I loved u or at least i thought i did. The way i fell about chris is different though. Hes gratefull for me. I told u that u would get tired of me and i was right. I hate that i was but i guess me soul knew we werent right. Thank you though for everything. Please be super sweet to my best friend shes three times the girl i am. If i hear about u calling her any mean words i will hunt u down and i will kill you and feed my snake ur genatals and intestins because gods know ur genatals arnt enough to feed anything.


  Love always,




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