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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

(finished!) Laquettas life story its also very true. its why she is the way she is ... kinda.

Hi, My name is Brenda cherie payne. my life has been like a rollar coaster. Im telling My story to you so that youd understand me. im not the most orgenized person in the world. i cant spell if my life depended on it so dont expect a merical now.i will skip through situations so try to keep up.

i lived in trailer parks almost my whole life. In all the places ive ever been my most loved place was a small-ish town right here in Gergia called pendergrass in jackson county.I stayed there for a long while wich was actually about two years. I went to North Jackson elementary school for my secound and third grade years.I always find my self there sometimes even now. I have a lot of conections there.

I can't remember where i was or how it started when i was raped at seven. All i know was that he was sevevteen and he had a little sister who was three. He was also a family friend. It was more then once and i only remember two of those "sesions". Once i stayed home "sick" from school and my guardian fell asleep and i stayed awake to watch a movie and HE came in through the back door of our little trailer. He took me to the back room and mad me sit on dis lap with both of our pants down. The secound time was i was wearin my brand new skates and he asked my drunk(?) father if i could go with him and his little sister to his grandmothers whos house was just through the woods. I wanted to take my skates off even then i knew what was goin on and i wanted to be able to run if needed. he said no it was fine i could skate over there and you see i knew that there was no house in them woods cause me and my sisters walked all through them woods the day before. any way so i couldnt change my skates to shoes so once we got deep into the woods enogh to see the construction workers i saw him unbuckel his belt, i ran but i triped ( damn skates) and he got me pulled me back and he did it again and i kept quite cause he said if i did hed give me 5 dollars. i never saw that money so when i was in my secound grade class in NJ i saw the Good touch Bad touch program and so i told. the hurt was too painful for my father and mother that they deny ever givin permision for the woods thing and it wasnt my mom in the trailer asleep. but my memery sees my mom on that bed asleep.

i think they should drill that good touch bad touch program into kids heads the day they get in school cause rape dont care what age you are when it makes you a victim. school aint safe either dont ever think it is cause its not. definatly not high school, its scary.

In all my school years up untill fith grade i had managed to get girl teachers. so when i got a male teacher in fith grade i was carful not to draw attention and i tryed to change teachers but my teacher said that i had to get over that fear. i was so cautious of where he was what he was saying to me and trying to make sure we werent alone at anytime. that year i was tought that not every male was bad but to this day i dont like girls to be alone with guys of any age. i dont know why but i can simply look at a male and somthing in me says to stay away or watch him closly. i still dont like to go in the woods with boys and i like to feel strong arms around me but i dont like to be traped in them.

When i was nine i had this boyfriend whos dad was realy nice. never let me be talked down to. well my grandmother didnt like him all of a sudden and so i asked her why and she said that his picture was in the paper saying that he raped a littel girl my age. i always had a feeling before but i never had that feeling about him. He never got scary, never tryed anything so i saw nothing wrong.

Now my sisters boyfriends father was a different story. i think he got his kindness from his father in-law. He was super nice but he was a drunk. somtimes we needed to barrow stuff. so we would ask him and he always wanted a kiss for them so i would skip out. tell him that i just remembered that i had some elswhere. sometimes he would try to force it but never succeaded.

my mom had this boyfriend and his father was always wanting to kiss me, i would get closeand he always wanted it on the lips so i would so no and play outside away from him. he was scary. i had that feeling about him all the time. One night he mannaged to trick me and his lips met mine and i broke fast and ran behind my mother and cryed she yelled at him. i never saw him after that, we went to vist him but i always stayed outside.

when i was ten my father relized that he was loosing my mother to this boyfriend i was talkin about earlier so one night he came back and the boyfriend was makin my mommy cry so i yelled at him. i cant remember what i said then he said somthin to make me cry so i want out side to my daddy and my daddy yelled at boyfriend and they got in a fight , boyfriend and daddy, and well boyfriend was drunk and daddy not so drunk and we got kicked out and whent to live with my grandmother.

Now im still with my grandmother and my mommy and daddy are happely together with another child who is also theirs. i love my littel sister to death and i would do anything to keep her safe. i found out that my other sisters also were raped so i dont want my littel sister to have to feel that too. im sixteen now and i have alot to write about in life... like things to avoid in relationships.

Thanks for reading this true stor about my life. i hope that you will be as cautious as i. i know people who have been raped by their boyfriends and uncles and brothers andfriends and fathers and nextdoor neibors so watch around you. im sorry if this story disturbed you.

Submitted: February 07, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Laquetta. All rights reserved.

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Laquetta I'm sorry about what happened to you and I understand where your coming from. I'm glad to see that your safe and your family is doing ok now. I know your going to be that inspiration to your little sister to watch out for them boys because to be honest they're only after one thing. I'm not trying to make myself or all boys look bad but it's the truth and I hope you keep doing what your doing and look after your family. I think this a story has a really good message that anybody should read.

Mon, February 13th, 2012 8:50pm


thank you

Tue, February 14th, 2012 10:37am

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