If You Exist

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Just a few thoughts on my bus ride home about modern day bullshit....

Personal to me while including recent events you may have seen on your TV screens.

Submitted: September 08, 2014

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Submitted: September 08, 2014



Today I stand

In the wreckage of those like me

Enraged at the world for their neverending bitterness.

Standing before you today

Blessed by the mere sight of my ancestors' names

Beholding unto thineself the memories of a begotten dream,

Where children dreamed of flying cars and teleportation devices

Yet you can't even walk to the store without the fear of getting shot.

We are,

In a word,


Trusting that I myself am washed

With the blood of the merciful Lord and Savior

That He Himself will protect from all evil

(If He is there)

And that one day 

I may hold my girlfriend's hand without a hint of judgement

When the hypocritcal neanderthals

That considered themselves the modern day Christians

Hurl verses at me 

When they themselves

Swear as they finalize divorce papers with the hope that their tattoos will not be too offensive for their dear grandmothers to see in the congregation.

That their children will understand that I myself am worthy of death 

And that eating shrimp is acceptable.

Surely Lord,

If You do exist,

That this isn't the way to go with life.

What say you,

Dear God,

About my trials?

You never answer.

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