Everyone should have a Dog

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Auntie Em,
Hate You..
Hate Kansas..
Took the dog..

penned by Tully Mars in Tales from Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet

Submitted: October 25, 2013

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Submitted: October 25, 2013



I am a dog person. Have been all my life. I don’t really care that much for cats. Cats hide their Poop and it makes me wonder what else they’re hiding. I don’t trust Cat owners either. It’s my theory they’re hiding something too. We have a black cat named Lucky but I didn’t buy her Molly did. Sometimes I sit  and wonder what they’re both hiding from me.

I have a three year old yellow Lab named Tulley Mars...His name is from a favorite character in a book by Jimmy Buffet. Tulley is my best friend and I’m sure I’m his though he’s never told me such. He does have a couple of dog buddies he runs with but I think he likes me better. Tulley would now be over 21 in human years but he won’t go to work.  I’m most certain he suffers from ADD. I suspected so and it was all but confirmed when he failed his first attempt in Obedience School. He did pass on the second try but I believe it was because of the Instructors no dog left behind policy.  As I type this he is on my bed behind me watching TV. Like me he watches ESPN and I leave the TV on for him so he won’t think he’s alone when I’m gone. When he’s not watching TV or running with his buddies Tulley likes to dig holes in my backyard and he is really good at it. My back yard looks like an archaeological dig is being conducted.

 Now Tulley won’t ever do anything as important as being a Rescue Dog or delivering Pizzas. But I know if he really wanted to work he could get a job digging post holes or swimming pools… I usually wake up every morning looking right into those big brown eyes of his and he gives me a smile and a big ole lick on my face. I try not to let him lick my face because I know firsthand where his tongue has been. He’s constantly licking down where his balls used to be. He’s still pretty mad at me about that. I can’t help but sit in amazement that he can even lick himself and I wonder if I had that ability would I. I’m not going to tell you my answer.

It’s a good feeling to know that when I get home Tulley is always going to be there to greet me with a grin and never be disappointed. Everyone should have a dog. This world would be a better place..J

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