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Yes Virginia there really is a gspot

Submitted: October 14, 2013

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Submitted: October 14, 2013



I just read an article the other day about the gspot. Yes Virginia apparently it does exist. I don’t think I’m alone when I say I always thought the gspot was some mystical place like the land of OZ. Few men anyway really believed in its existence. I always put it in with the topics of is Bigfoot real?, do aliens exist?, is time travel possible?….Things that probably aren’t true but in the back of your mind you can’t completely rule them out. I always thought if the gspot was real, Molly would have mentioned it to me before. I never asked her; I just assumed during one of my visits she would have told me to shake hands with Spot. You know since I was so close. Like visiting on old friend when you go home, you’re in town, you might as well swing by and say hello.

Now to me this discovery is a revelation akin to Columbus stepping off the Santa Maria and stumbling upon the Americas or when James Sutter pulled out that first piece of gold in 1849 and yelled “eureka I found it”. Let me also say I was not scouring the internet looking for gspot. I happened to be looking for a recipe for Gumbo and my search engine pulled up “G-Spot”. Being the inquisitive person that I am, I naturally read the article. There it was.. not only confirmation of existence but it even gave directions to get there. Like the lost treasure map.

Ok, here’s the way I understand the directions. I have to insert my finger and instead of going straight in like is my regular routine (and I thought was the norm). No one ever told me I could bend my finger. Keep in mind my sexual prowess is not the stuff of legend. It took me years to find the clitoris and it’s on the outside winking at me.. This voyage might take more than one trip. I’m not real good with directions either. I’m one of those guys that have trouble finding his car in the mall parking lot even after I parked it there.  It would probably dampen the mood if I gave the directions to Molly to read off to me as I go.  Step one....  Anyway insert my finger and go in a little then hook back like you’re making a U-turn and supposedly there it is. Sounds easy even for me. According to the article it might be the size of a pea or as large as a quarter. Now from what I have read, when you find spot and start massaging it two things could happen. The first and ideal scenario is Molly’s head is going to spin around like Linda Blair. Laser beams will shoot out her eyes and she will experience pleasure beyond belief. The second scenario is she could pee on me. Bummer.., talk about good news bad news. That’s right according to the article gspot stimulation causes a certain percentage of women to pee. I’m hoping for the head spin but I may wear my raincoat on my first try just in case.

So I’m off the see the wizard. I have to admit I’m pretty excited about my journey. I haven’t told Molly about my experiment yet. Pretty sure she will know something’s up when I walk in with my raincoat on to announce we’re going to do something different tonight. Molly’s a gamer and this is basically a win win for her. She will either light up like a pin ball machine or have the story of her life telling people about the time she accidently peed on me.

I could speak on this fascinating subject all night but you’ll have to excuse me now. Me and Bigfoot are going to get in his time machine and visit some aliens he knows.. Wish me luck J

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