Welches Grape Soda

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I love Welches Grape Soda :)

Submitted: October 01, 2013

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Submitted: October 01, 2013



I hope they find a cure for Cancer and really hope it turns out to be Welches Grape Soda. I love grape sodas but for the obvious reasons I have denied myself that pleasure for many years. When I was a kid it was NuGrape Sodas or as we called them, Purples. Our yard was huge and full of Pecan trees. We had an understanding with our Mama anytime we wanted some extra money we could pick up pecans in the yard and Mama would pay us a nickel a pound. We used to pick those pecans like cotton pickers during the depression era. Pretty sure what we were doing today might be classified as child labor but we were happy to do it for a Purple and of course the Pecan Pie Mama would make the following Sunday. My brother Tim and I would walk down to Petersons Grocery on the corner with our slave wages in search of that delightful purple nectar. The store owners name was L.D. Wages and neither Tim nor I ever asked him why the place was named Petersons. Just as we never asked why it was called a Grocery because it certainly wasn’t that either. It was just an old corner store like you never see any more with wood floors,  the old open top coke coolers and the little glass Deli in the back that sold Bologna that was sliced off the big red roll at your request. Mr Wages always threw in a chunk of Hoop Cheese and a pack of crackers and wrapped it up in white butcher’s paper like a fine steak. We would sit on the porch of the store and drink that ice cold Purple that we had worked so hard for talking to Mr Wages like we were grown men after a hard day’s work and life was good. Anyway I’m sure that old store and Mr Wages are long gone by now as are NuGrape Sodas but Welches makes a surprisingly good substitute. I think I’ll stop off at the store on my way home and buy me one. It may not cure Cancer but it sure would make me feel good.

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