Perception of Age

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This is a short story of the fears perceived through a child's mind. I may have given him too many older reactions, but alas, I am not 6 years old... Also, it's not written like a 6 year old would be writing it, more like an invisible entity were scribing the 6 year old's reactions from within... Tell me what you think!

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



The horrific whail stabbing at my ears, driving my nerves to the brink, encouraging the panic in me to take control of my muscles. Escape is frantically darting through my mind. The monumental crashes of it's footsteps keeping sync with the ever increasing beat of my heart. I clasp my hand into a fist, noticing the slickness of sweat. The closer it gets the harder it becomes to hold my ground. A bead of sweat drops from my brow falling seemingly in slow motion until it crashes against the floor. It was only a sliver at first but now it's shadow is growing larger, larger, larger; the enlarging shadow formidable enough to make even my eyes want to crawl away. To save themselves from visualizing their greatest fear. It's almost here. An overwhelming urge to turn and run has washed over me, my muscles are twitching, encoraging me to flee, but it;s too late now. I must face my fear. It's now or never. Out from the corner of the hall steps a small toy. Relief hits me with surprising force drawing a huge sigh from my lips. My muscles relax at once, leaving me to slump against the wall. My greatest fear finally conquered I can finally retreat to my room: victorious. Ready to sleep I lay my head against my plush, cool pillow and close my eyes. No longer shall I be plagued by that nightmare.

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