The Beauty of Christ's Birth

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Xmas is a special season that reveals the essence of Christ's death.It's a day that will forever remain vivid in heart due to what it portrays.This story aims at revealing why much attention and observation is given to xmas.It contains thrilling and intellectual description that keeps you glued to the screen of your internet device.Have a great time reading.

Submitted: December 26, 2012

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Submitted: December 26, 2012



Here is an exceptional xmas story: THE BEAUTY OF CHRIST'S BIRTH Life portrays hardship and pleasure that combine to make us who we are.Hardship was what was presently present in Mike's life.He had no formal education nor a skill to make a living,but he definitely had a creator known to him as the Almighty. Everyone believed nothing good could come out of Mike's existence.He was regarded as 'a failing failure';his parents never doubted this widely accepted opinion. Like a sheep who had no shepherd,he wandered out of his house on a cold Tuesday morning.He realised everywhere radiated jubilation and excitement.As he continued on his journey that had no destinationand purpose,he picked up cans and other things that he regarded as friends.He communed with them as if they were human but he was disappointed to find no response from them. Suddenly,he had the scream of a man who seemed to be in trouble.Unaware to him,he was already in a bush.He walked towards the direction of the scream to quench his curiosity. To his amazement,there was a whiteman who was with a camera running away from a lion.Mike roared angrily at the lion and spoke words only him and the lion could understand.The lion stopped at once and walkedback timidly into the bush;it had been denied its morning meal. Mike helped the man get out of his panic by comforting and assuring him of his safety. The whiteman,who was a tourist was flabbergasted to see a man talk to animals. Mikenever considered what he had as a gift,but as a medium through which he was able to express himself to the animals who constantly kept him company whenever he was lonely or felt rejected.He knew he had offended one of his friends inorder to save a fellow man he couldn't call a friend;but he had no choice. The tourist,who was a professor of zoology at Oxford university decided to take Mike with himto the United States,sponsor his education inorder for him to be employed as an instructor and teacher of the newly discovered animal language. As Mike and his new friend walked back home,he heard a uniform noise from the church echoing \"merry christmas\".At that point,Mike discovered that day was the christmas day. 'A day Jesus was born,a day his talent paid dividend,a day a no one became someone, a day the rejected became accepted and comforted.'Tears of joy and satisfation rolled down freely from of his eyes.\"Christmas,a day Jesus was born to wipe away sorrowful tears inorder for us to weep joyful tears,\"Mike shouted this to the hearing of the whiteman who patted him on the back and muttered silently,\"IT'S ALL OVER NOW.\" THE END

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