Niall- Walk on the Beach

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Imagine for Niall Horan

Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Submitted: August 06, 2012



You and your friend were at the beach tanning when suddenly you get sprayed with a water gun. You jump up and feel a tap on the shoulder. You look up, with an angry look on your face. You then realize who you were looking at- Niall from One Direction. "I'm so sorry!" He said. 

"I-i-its alright, I mean, we're at the beach, so you're supposed to get wet." You giggle back.

He laughs and you realize how much better his laugh sounds in person than through a computer's speakers. "I'm glad you're not mad. Would you like to come and hang with me and the lads? Your beautiful friend is welcome to come along."

Your friend jumps up and says, "we would love to!" 

You and your friend gather your stuff and head over to the rest of the boys. Your friend heads straight over to Harry and Zayn, who are chatting and sitting on a blanket, while Louis and Liam are in an epic water gun fight. You and Niall head down the beach, walking on the  trim of the water when he suddenly reaches for your hand. You both lock fingers and he says, "you have very beautiful eyes."

You blush and amange to reply a "thank you." You tell him he has an amazing laugh and he laughs at the fact you think it's amazing.

He lets go of your hand and splashes around in the water. You follow him into the water and you have a water fight. He then grabs your waist and pulls you close to him. Your lips are inches away from eachother. You both go in for a kiss at the same time. When your lips meet, sparks fly. After you both manage to pull away, he says, "I've been waiting for the right moment to do that." 

You blush and smile, then manage to say, "that was amazing." Then, he splashed you again. 

When you got to a near-by Nando's you both order the same thing. Not because he likes it, because that is your usual. You eat dinner on the beach and watch the sunset together. When you realize it's almost 11:00 Pm, your curfew, you tell him you have to get going.

He says, "I will walk you home."

"Alright." You answer back, with a big smile on your face.

When you reach your house, you go up to the door, and he gives you a kiss on the cheek and a hug. He slipped a piece of paper into your pocket. You waited until you reached your bedroom to look at the paper. 

It read, "Dinner and a movie, tomorrow night? xx Niall"

On the back had his number. 

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