Zayn Imagine

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Zayn Fanfic

Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Submitted: August 06, 2012



You're in your new flat staring into your mirror. You've been getting ready to go out for over two hours, hoping when you get to the club, some guy will approach you. You start to head out when you realize you forgot your super cute handbag. You run back into your bedroom, grab your bag, and look into the mirror one last time. "Beautiful," you say to yourself. 

When you get to the club, you get into the VIP area with no problem. You are drinking your martini when someone approaches. He says, "I couldn't help but notice that you are the most beautiful girl in this club." 

Before you look up, you try to figure out where you have heard this amazing British accent. You think it sounds a lot like Zayn from One Direction, but you think you're wrong, so you just look up. When you see his face, you can't quite believe that it is Zayn. 

"Well, thank you." You say as you blush. 

"Would you like to get some air?" He asks politely. 

"Uhm, yeah." You manage to say with the millions of thoughts you have going through in your head. 

When you start walking, you both stop everytime you find a reflection of yourselves. And each time, you look over at eachother and laugh.

You take time to get to know eachother and you realize how much you really have in common with Zayn. 

He finally reaches for your hand and you both lock fingers at the same time. 

You say, "I really like you for you, not because you're famous." You blush as you say it.

He replies, "I really like you too. I'm glad we met tonight."

"Me too." You reply with a little giggle.

He walks you back to your flat and you both go inside. You curl up on the couch for a scary movie marathon. When you get scared and jump, he holds you closer and closer. When you feel his eyes on you, you look over and he kisses you. When you kiss him back, you can tell you won't be finishing the movie. 

In the morning, you wake up on the couch with a note. It reads, "follow the rose pedals to find your surprise! xx Zayn." You look on the floor and find a trail of rose pedals. You follow them until you reach the kitchen, where Zayn made you a pancake breakfast.

When he sees you, he says, "goodmorning beautiful."


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