A million love drops.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Second crack at it.


    • Well here it was. Another long year of school over. It wasn't just another year over. I was done with everything. School was done. I had just graduated from Eastern college. And let me just say, i'm happy to start my life. The past four years..just have not been the best. My boyfriend of three years, dumped me three days before our graduation. Said "it wasn't working out blah blah." I've heard that bullshit before. I kept trying to think positively, you know? I know it sucks, break ups. They can be really shitty. But it was time to focus on my life. I just got a writing job at a popular teen magazine, called BOP. They had sent me an email about 2 weeks before graduation. I went for my interview, it went great, got a call, and was hired. I'm happy because this is what i want to do with my life. Be a writer, make people happy, voice my opinion. Plus meeting celebrities would be fun! 

      It was my first day of work. My manager, Amy showed me my office. It was small, but nice. I had my own desk, computer, mini fridge. It was adorable.

      "If you need anything, let me know please!" Amy shouted over her shoulder walking out of my room.

      "Thanks!" I said smiling at her. This was fantastic, i thought. As i sat down at my desk i realized that i already had a story to do. I was going to be interviewing someone famous! I just didn't know. Hm weird, there's no name on here. I walk over to Amy with a questioning look.

      "There's no name on who i'm interviewing?" She laughed at me,

      "I'm sorry, i typed an error! You're going to be interviewing One Direction!" I shook my head.

      "Really? I love them! Are you sure you want me to? I mean it's my first day, first story, gah i don't know i'm just-" Amy cut me off.

      "Katie, we love your writing, you're fabulous. If we didn't think you couldn't do it, we wouldn't have asked. We know you're capable. Its a chance to show us you can handle this." I giggled and shrugged.

      "When am i doing this interview?" Amy shrugged. "Soon, i forget,ha i am swamped. It's on the sheet!" I nodded and headed back, my hands trembling as i realized the interview was in an hour. Holy shit, i thought. I sat down at my desk, my head spinning. I was so nervous. I sat and watched the clock, the big hand was moving so slow. As i bit my nails and thought about what to ask them Amy shouted 


       "Katie, they're here!" God damnit, i have to pee. I rushed to the bathroom, peed, checked my hair and makeup. Yuck, i don't look stunning that'sfor sure. As i rushed out of the bathroom, i smacked into someone. Embarrassed, i looked up only to look into the eyes of Harry Styles.

      "Hey love, sorry. I just gotta use the restroom, i have an interview and i heard the interviewer was lovely." I smiled at him and smirked.

      "It's okay, i'm actually interview you! So you just made me late." I stuck my tounge out at him. He smiled nervously.
      "I am quite sorry, let me pee and we'll walk back together. Then i'll explain." I nodded and waited. As he walked out, we walked back without saying a word. This was all so...surreal. As i walk in to the room, i see Zayn wink at Harry. Harry smiled. 

      "Sorry lads, i made this lovely lady late, it's my fault." I looked nervously at Amy, who nodded and smiled. 

      "Okay boys, are you ready for some Q&A?" They all nodded and smiled at me. Gosh, this was so hard. Their accents, hair, personalities, all so great. As soon as the interview was over, Amy pulled me over.

      "Katie, you did great. Keep it up, and i see you going very far. Just make sure the article's good!" I smiled hugging her. I walked into the office to grab my coat, keys, purse and laptop. I smiled at myself, what a great first day. I heard a soft knock on my door. Harry was standing there.

      "Oh hi." I managed to choke out. He grinned.
      "Was just wondering if you wanted to grab some coffee? We're in town for three days, and don't really know anywhere good to go. Well to be honest, just me. The boys went back for some sleep." He shrugged. I shot him a look.

      "Oh so you have no way of getting home and were hoping i'd say yes?" He smiled at me, dimples showing. I couldn't resist.

      "Yes, we can go out to get coffee." He laughed and followed me to the car. He was so cute, with his hands shoved in his pockets. I unlocked my car and he hopped in. We drive sort of in silence, and i as i reach to turn on the radio, Harry does the same. The moment when our handz touched, was unreal. I got shivers through my fingers. He grinned,

      "Mind if i turn it on?" I shook my head smiling. I felt terrible, because i wasn't sure where this was going. I wasn't going to let my guard down, boys suck, all of them.

      I pulled into Starbucks, thankfully no one's really in there. We walk in together, and i go to order my coffee. Harry comes up behind me, i can feel his breathe on my kneck. It was so overwhelming. We got our orders and sat down. 

      "So Katie, how's life? You have a good job i see, tell me about you." Harry was just so adorable.

      "Life's okay! I love my job, yes, yours isnt too shabby either!" Harry grinned at me. We talked for a bit, and it started to rain. Yuck. Everything was going smoothly, until i got a phone call. It was my ex. I excused myself to take the call. 

      "Katie?" I shuddered hearing his voice.

      "Yeah, what's up?" He sounded, i don't know, something wrong.

      "I need to be honest with you." I shook my head and peeked out from the bathroom. I hated making Harry wait. 

      "Sure, make it fast.." 

      "The reason..i broke up with you, well..was because i cheated on you. I feel bad, really.I just.-" He kept talking but i couldn't hear him over my tears. I hung up on him and ran outside, out the back door. I sat in the rain, crying my eyes out. This can't be happening now. I can't go back to face Harry. He was probably like every guy. A jerk. I didn't want to get to know anyone, famous or not.I quickly walked back in.

      "Why are you soaking?" I shook my head.

      "I need to leave, i'm sorry. I can't do this. Do you have a ride home?"
      "Yes, but what's going on?" I shake my head and rush out to the car. Harry follows me and grabs my by the arm. He embraced me and wouldn't let go.

      "Please let me go." I shoved him away, and ran to my car. He just sort of looked at me. I pulled away leaving him standing alone in the rain. I couldn't look at him as i sped away. It was really downpouring, and i could barely see where i was going. The split second i took my hand off my wheel to rub my eyes to when i woke up in a hospital bed, was all a blur. 


      "Katie, sweetie, are you okay?" I hear my mom over me. I rub my eyes and ask her what happened.

      "You must have swerved and hit a tree...god i'm so glad you're okay." She's crying. 

      "Mom, don't cry clearly i'm fine-" Then i notice my arm's in a cast. This is great. 

      "Do you need anything?" I shake my head.

      "What time is it?" 

      "It's about 4 pm." I start crying, one because i'm a baby, and two because i realized what i had just done a few shorts hours before. 

      "Baby don't cry, it's okay." I hugged my mom as she walked out, the nurse said i had a visitor. 
      "I really don't want to see-" I stopped mid sentence because Harry walked through the door.

      "Hey babe, how are you feeling?" I shake my head.

      "How did you know?" He walked over to me, and held my hand.
      "I followed you after Paul picked my up. I called 911, and pulled you out of the car.." I started bawling. He stroked my face.

      "No Harry, you can't. I'm a terrible person. I left you alone, i feel so sick about this." He shook his head.

      "Don't, please. I was confused, but i really do want to get know you, still."
      "It's my ex though..i don't know who to trust." He nodded and understood. I passed out. When i woke up it was the next morning, i saw Harry curled up on the couch, asleep. The nurse came in, said i was fine to go home, and that Harry was taking me home. I gently woke him up, and he smiled at me.

      "Ready to go?" I nodded and forced a smile. It was still raining out. Pouring. As we walked out into the rain, Harry handed me his coat. I stopped and started crying. Middle of the parking lot. Yup. Pathetic.


      "What's wrong darling?" I shudder.

      "I don't deserve this, i just met you, and i treated you like shit, you're treating me like a princess."
      "That's what i do when i fancy someone, a lot." 

      "You can't fancy me, i'm a terrible person."
      "Shush, you're not, now stop." Through my tears, i forced a smile. Harry grabbed my chin, i fell for his big greens eyes, and he kissed me softly on the lips. 










Submitted: April 25, 2012

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Awwww!! So sweet! You should write more though! Hey you should check out my book about Harry and that boys! It's called "Handsome Devil"! I think you will enjoy it because you seem like a huge fan just like me!

Mon, April 30th, 2012 12:54pm


I am writing another one :) and okay!

Mon, April 30th, 2012 8:54pm

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