I wanna save your heart tonight.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

A love story. Fan fiction.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more drunk in my entire life.” I muttered to myself as I staggered into a car. Now normally, this is not the kind of person I am. And what I was wearing, not me at all. I don’t usually pull the slutty girl look, I’m more known for sweatpants, yoga pants, the usual comfy clothes. Anyways let’s go back to where this all started.
“I can’t believe we just graduated high school!” My friend squealed. She was right, just hours ago, my friends and I graduate from High school. My best friend and I were on our way to Vegas. It was only a 6 hour ride. It was going to be a fun road trip, and an excellent few days.
“I still can’t believe your parents let you have the car.” I shook my head at my friend who grinned and was probably not the most responsible 18-year old. But, she is my best friend. And of course it was our graduation, we deserved to go out and have fun.
“I know right? I’m glad I brought my fake ID as well.” She smirked at me. “You have yours.” I stuck my tongue out at her and nodded. That’s not like me, well to use it that is. I really wanted to focus on my schoolwork, worked hard and got accepted to Eastern. But the fake ID will come in handy. And like I said. We deserved it.
“Yo, stop day dreaming about your dream man and talk to me.” My friend rudely interrupted.
“I was not day dreaming about Harry Styles, you freak. I was thinking. Besides you just wanna sleep with Zayn.” She winked at me.
“Now ain’t that the truth, he’s got a bangin body.” I laughed at her. We were just a bunch of hopeless girls in love with people who didn’t know we existed. A few hours go by and we get to this cheap run down hotel, but it didn’t matter. We wouldn’t be around much anyways. As we get into the room, my friend asks me what I brought to wear. I shrug and pull out some skinny jeans and a loose shirt with some heels.
“That’s it…? Really. You need to look sexy hot, not school girl hot. Well both work, but common you wanna get some guys right?!”
“Pft, nu uh..” She smirks at me as she throws some clothes at me.
“Did you really think I wasn’t gonna bring something for you? I knew you’d be a little you know what and bring something not revealing.” I glared at her. She laughed. I slid on a very short dress, that was very tight and it did make my boobs look good..so I wasn’t too upset. My friend had slipped on a black, short pencil skirt, and a revealing top. I sighed. She shot me a look.
“Hey! I didn’t say anything, looks gooood!” She glared at me but smiled. Putting curls in my hair, I burned my neck. Meh, not very good, but I continued putting on makeup and making myself look out of the ordinary. If only my mother could see me. About two hours later, we were finally ready. It was perfect because it was about 11. My friend hands my coat, picks up her keys and then puts them down. I shoot her a questioning look. She shrugs.
“It’s pretty close to the hotel, Club Zee, so we’ll just walk. Let’s work in our heels.” I laughed, she was probably right, cause I was not balanced on those heels. It was like a two minute walk. As we approach the security guards, they asked for our IDs. We quickly showed them, and slipped in to the club. It was very loud, lights flashing, and very packed. But it was great. Drinks were flowing, people dancing. What a nice environment. About five minutes into our venture, I had lost my friend. I shook my head, she was probably dancing with some guy. Out of no where, she grabs my hand and ushers me to the side.
“What!?’ I can see the excitement in her eyes.
“Harry Styles, Zayn Malik. They are here. In this club.” She grinned widely. I shot her a daring look.
“Really? No joke? Cause you know I’ve had some drinks alri-” She grabbed my face and pushed it in the other direction. She was right. I had to rub my eyes. But yes, those two boys were sitting in the VIP area, sipping on some drinks. And of course, surrounded by girls. My friend giggled and told me she was gonna walk by a few times to get a closer look and to get some more drinks. I nodded and stayed off to the side. I watched her slinkly walk by him, make eye contact with him, and walk over to me. It was evident Zayn liked what he saw because he rushed up quickly to follow her. I shook my head. She came over to me quickly.
“Did he see me?!” I nodded as he came up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. I smirked at him and her.
“Hey babe, you are gorgeous. Wanna dance?” She practically jumped on him and they were off. Holy shit. My friend was with Zayn Malik. I looked over at Harry, who looked pretty bored even though girls we hanging all over him. He clearly looked annoyed as well. Oh well, not my problem, even though I was dying to meet him. I walked over to the bar quietly and grabbed a drink. I went to glance back at Harry but he was gone. Hm. I suddenly had the urge to pee. As I walked over to the bathroom, Harry was walking out. I practically smacked into him.
“I’m sorry love, I really didn’t mean it.” I looked up at him, who was clearly tipsy, I could smell the alcohol in his breathe.
“Oh don’t worry about it, really!” I grinned at him. I wanted to cry, but I held it in.
“Uh do you wanna dance?” I looked at him shocked.
“Are you sure” I gestured to the glaring girls, who were undoubtedly giving me death glares.
“Oh yes, I’m sure. Those girls, uhm, I couldn’t get them away from me all night.” He laughed and looked me up and down.
“Looks like he likes what he sees!” My friend came out of no where whispering in my ear, practically making me pee myself. I shoved her away joking, and noticed she had her fingers laced into Zayn’s. I shook my head as she whispered “He’s a great kisser.” Then walked off. Harry grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor. We danced for a while, had some drinks, held hands. It was about 2 before my friend finally came back to me and pulled me aside. She gave Harry a one minute finger and he nodded and waited alongside Zayn.
“Are you having fun?” She laughed.
“Yes! Harry’s a sweetheart.” She shot me a look.
“Have you kissed?” I shook my head.
“Well that’s about to change.” I gave her a look.
“Zayn said theyre gonna come back with us to the hotel.” I was in disbelief.
Noo, are you sure.” She nodded and bounced back to Zayn who grabbed her waist and led her outside to wait for Harry and I.
“Would you like me to come back with you?” I nodded and giggled.
“You’re so cute” He mutters as he pulls me outside and into their car. I stumbled into the seat and couldn’t buckle my seat, so Harry suggested I sit on his lap. I was all for that. Zayn and my friend were ya know..getting freaky in the back seat. Harry grabbed my chin and looked into my eyes lovingly. I fell so fast for his big green eyes. They were beautiful. He pulled my chin up slightly and gave me a small kiss on the lips. I grinned. As we walk into the hotel, I struggle to find my key, so my friend is forced to find hers, which meant prying herself from Zayn for two seconds. We get into the room, and Zayn and my friend head straight for the bed. I mutter and shake my head.
“Wanna go for a walk babe?” Harry asks. I nod. We walk out to the pool. It looks so pretty at night. Harry smirks at me. I know what he’s thinking.
“Let’s go for a dip.” I shake my head and say ‘no suit.’ He grins and says
“Does It look like I have one? And does it matter.” I shake my head.
“You would not wanna see me…you know..” He shakes his head a bunch of times, curls bouncing.
“You’re beautiful.” He then proceeds to take off his clothes. I brace myself. He has the hottest body ever. He strips down to nothing and jumps in, laughing.
“Common babe! The water’s nice!” I laugh and reluctantly start to strip as well, and jump in. Harry just looks at me and grins.
“Told you, you’re beautiful.” I giggled and splash water at him. I dunk my head under, Harry does as well. As we’re under the water he grabs my face and kisses me. It’s the cutest thing ever. I come above water and shiver. He wraps his big, strong arms around me.
“You cold?” I nod as he suggests we go inside. As we walk back into the hotel, I brace myself for something disturbing. But my friend and Zayn are conked out. I giggle and shake my head.
“Do you think they?” I asked Harry. He shook his head.
“Probably. I’m not like that though. I like to wait.” I nod and agree.
We get into the other bed and cuddle up. He kisses my forehead softly, then my lips.
“Yes babe?”
“Is this one of those one night stands? Or something more?” He grins at me.
“I want it to be something more. I don’t get the chance to sit down and meet and talk to many people. You’re one of the few who I actually got to know.”
“Okay, just making sure. I like you. A lot.” He grinned at me and starting singing softly in my ear. As he kissed my forehead I fell asleep.

Submitted: April 24, 2012

© Copyright 2022 LarryStylinsonx0x. All rights reserved.

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