A Solders Tail

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After the battle a child cries.

Submitted: December 17, 2012

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Submitted: December 17, 2012



A Solders Tail

By: LarsBud



The night sky hangs heavy with soot and smoke, for I cannot see the stars.

The sounds of battle and the dying have now faded into the night.

The chill of night is warmed from the fires that burn all around, but I am still cold.

I walk alone down the street, my uniform tattered and bloodied.

The rifle in my hand feels so heavy, but I cannot let it go.

I cross the street and I can hear a child crying, how they sob.

Walking through the ruble of a house I come to where the child sits.

It is a little girl her face all dirty and her hair matted, cries out loud.

I knee down beside her and take her in my arms, but she still cries.

I hold her close and tell her everything will be all right, but she still cries.

I look at the ground next to her and I see why she still cries.

It’s me.

© Copyright 2019 LarsBud. All rights reserved.

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