Trains From The Dark Station

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A bit mad, really.

Submitted: July 25, 2013

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Submitted: July 25, 2013



When I awoke

I was driving in my car

Thermodynamic avidya

 - Holy Joe!

Stringless marionettes falling through the snow




Poppies strewn and chandeliers

Splintered ice on wasted ears

 - All black and blue!

The world was stuck to my head with glue




And it came to pass and it was through

I thought of this and I thought of you

Then blinked and saw the world I knew

...God, look at what it's come to




Suspended, pumping

Flashing red space

A drip-feed pain system across my face

That torch - Too bright!

Did I have too much to dream last night?




A buzzing crowd

They stared at me

And drowning lost in the dark alr between

Scratched radio words

Everyone really sure I wasn't ftom the House of Lords



I must look awful

I must look





Bloodied palms

I did behold

But was sure I had not hurt a soul -

- I have not hurt a soul!

Could it be? (- Oh dear, oh no)

I didn't want this control

Is it Time to go?

Dark Station

Time to lose control

Dark Station




No angel over me

Hands clasped to pray

(But I imagined one there anyway)

And she smiled at me

And from this oscillating soul, she cut me free

I looked to my past but it was too far to see

Tumed to my future, it was all around me




If it's evident

I'm not immune

With arms like snakes, I'll flee this room

Find a place to rest

Then try to walk on other legs

If I return to Go - will I pass the test?

Her wistful eyes said - time to rest

Those guardian eyes - it's time to rest




Yes - time to rest








Dark Station

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