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Why is it so difficult for todays young people to make healthy decisions? I think the lack of options is part of the reason, especially in healthy food choices.

Submitted: July 13, 2010

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Submitted: July 13, 2010




“Can I substitute the pop for fruit juice please?” I ask the cashier at a local shopping mall food court.

In near bewilderment and with a shocked expression he replies, “Um, yeah sure, but it will cost an extra 63 cents.”

Well, of course I paid the money, I don’t like pop anyway, but honestly, is this reality? Is this what our society has come to? It’s not that 63 cents is a big deal, what is the big deal is that merchants automatically assume we want the cheapest most popular thing out there, mmm! Pop!

 I use my experience as an example. The cashier assumed I wanted the tingly, fizzy, sugar-filled, addictive beverage over the fruit juice. Is this part of the reason the North American population is becoming...well, quite frankly, fat?

As a thirteen year old, my generation is being bombarded with media, in fact, the same day I paid 63 cents for the healthier choice, a vendor also pulled my cousin and I into his little kiosk trying to persuade us that his make-up would make us look like super models.

 My generation is constantly told things like, “make wise choices”, “eat healthy”, “be active”, “don’t do drugs”, but then when it comes to something as simple as buying a drink in a mall, we are not provided with a choice to be healthy.

Why can’t fast-food stores at least offer the fruit juice before the pop? Especially, as a young person, many of us are too timid to ask for a substitution, which, by first offering a healthy choice could be part of the first step to making our society more nutritionally aware.

I do understand that pop is a cheaper drink for merchants to purchase, as they do so in bulk, and that in order to make profit off of their juice sales, they must sell it for a higher price. However, what is more important, a franchise’s profit, or the well-being of the worlds young people? Just give me the right to have choices, that’s all I ask, is that I be given the opportunity to make healthy decisions.


~Lassie of the Messiah, 13


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