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I went to the hospital today. I am still 19 years old and have rest of my life. but now I am fed up with is my story about today.

Submitted: July 06, 2014

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Submitted: July 06, 2014



Today I went to the hospital with one of my friends. She was going to see one of her friends. He was in the ICU(worsened patients are kept in the ICU in our country) . I saw him through the window though I do not know him. At first I was like

“ahh he’s gonna be okey”

But we waited there for some time. While my friend was talking to the family of the patient I look around. It was then I started breaking down. First I saw an old man one eye covered with a huge plaster. Then another old one, his throat was covered.

 Finally I saw a man. I think most probably it was a boy. An old man was sitting beside him. He was on the bed. But it was something I never had seen before. He hardly gained his conscious. Was blinking his eyes slowly. And there were 2 pillows on the back of each shoulder to support him to stay right. On the back there were at least 3 pillows. I was staring at him. I began to cry inside. I never knew him and the old man beside him was looking at me. I looked down. I felt the value of life.

Then again I moved to see the one we went to see. Then only I saw him clearly. Machines were everywhere beside him. Throat, brain and whole body was running with the machines. I saw him move once. Then I stared at him. I saw him move again. I counted the seconds between two moves. It was 12. He just moved his arms once every 12 seconds. I felt like it was his heart heat. He was already dead.

Then I heard the story. He met with an accident. He was riding his bike 140. No wonder he is here. But when I look at the family I felt like

“ohh my god.”


There was still hope within them. But everybody knew that he is never going to smile again. Doctors had tried their best to correct the damages to the brain. But it was like a fruit fallen from a tree shattered. Doctors have said that “we are going to wait for 10 days and we are going to unplug the machines.” I almost felt it like their is going to unplug a life…

Then I came back and look around. I saw the half conscious man again. The old man was looking at me again. I felt like dying when I noticed that no one came to see them. I was crying inside the ward. My heart’s cry was louder than my eyes.

It was today that I felt life is such a thing. We have to cherish it. It’s not easy. I was like a withered flower when I was coming out. And I was half conscious. Many of us do not know the suffering of it. And I think today I suffer a lot. Every time am going to ride a bike this will be in my memory. I wanted to do something for the patients I saw today. Only thing I wanna to do was to bring a smile to them. I wanted to give them hope though I clearly knew there is none. But I still wanna to do it. But I didn’t I was watching hell lively. I felt powerless to do anything.


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